Free Verse


I build you up

Only to break you down

Give you hope

Then stomp on it

Into the ground

Make you think

The world is square

When it's round

Question if what

I'm telling you

Is profound

Are you crazy?

Or just being Gaslight

I can convince you

I'm right

When I'm wrong

Have you hearing


It's only a song

In your mind

Seeing things that

Aren't really there

Are you sane?

Or has insanity crept in

This is only partial

To what comes next

Psychological warfare

Emotional blackmail

Mental manipulation

Will seal the deal

And you'll never

Even imagine

What's real or

A fantasy

When I'm through

With gaslighting




Rewind the clock back to


When life was simple

And love was our guide

Caught up in a fantasy

Shutting out reality

Creating our own truth

Never taking the time to examine

True motives

Questioning a journey

Two people together

Should be as one

Selfishness, disrespect

Distrust, hate, indifference

Grew into a cycle of abuse

Toxic love


Cherished words turned

Into curses

And the dream became

A nightmare

Thought I’d remain a victim

That was a lie

Behind the tears and the shame

I found my voice

Now I stand strong

I am strong and no more



Regret 835


I think about the day we met

Didn’t think I’d be sitting here

Visiting regrets

Happy memories

The laughter

When did it turn into a disaster?

Shadows cast an eerie outline

To a life that was supposed to shine

Thought you’d catch me if I fall

Never imagine you would

Let me hit the ground