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Regret 835


I think about the day we met

Didn’t think I’d be sitting here

Visiting regrets

Happy memories

The laughter

When did it turn into a disaster?

Shadows cast an eerie outline

To a life that was supposed to shine

Thought you’d catch me if I fall

Never imagine you would

Let me hit the ground



Don't Let the Sun Go Down

What's happened to the love
 That use to keep us in an inferno at night
A cold bed we now share has taken it's place
 Sheets that use to to be heated and on fire
Soaked in sweat from lovin' 
Now we've let the coldness of
Sorrow  take it's place
Regrets now lie in bed with us 
Love missing laying in between us
Shadows of what we once were sleep
Along side of us
Now the sun has set
And we try with valiant effort to resurrect
Love that has become rusted from tears we
Both have cried 
It's too late and the sun has gone down...