Free Verse

Distorted Picture

Desirable to look at every man's dream
Immure in her own world
Secrets held close in her heart
To many let downs
Over shadowed by sorrow
Reality viewed through closed eyes
Tendency to fall under spells 
Essence of spirit dulled by lost of innocence
Decrepitude of an image reflect in a mirror

Presage of her life carried on the wings of a black crow
Interlace with destiny
Circumvent death, she laughed in its face
Tourniquet twisted inside her soul
Ubiquity of her love was felt in the darkness
Remedy of lost youth retouched by the stroke of a paint brush
Erased away an ugly

Love Takes Me Higher

Love takes me higher
all my heartache is erased
healing is loves power
chasing away darken clouds
out comes the sun to embrace
my spirit, my soul
awakening a flower
that has seen too many
sad days
turning my tears into joy
returning hope I thought
I'd lost forever
I can see the future
where once I didn't
believe I had one
a flower in full bloom
destiny is no longer
a stranger

Widowed Mother (Poem Excerpt from Illusion)

Somewhere in the night lays a shattered heart
singing out for love
The song can't be heard for it lies deep within her soul
She sings of sorrow, of afflictions heaped upon her spirit
She sings of her regrets to many to be numbered
I hear her song, loud as the rolling thunder
A song of a woman betrayed and angered
She sings of the darkness she calls her own
She sings of the man that left her cold
She grieves for a child she was to bear dead in her womb
She sings to God, pleading for salvation
lifting her voice up to the heavens
She sings of the widowed mother
I can hear her, can't you?
I can see her, can't you?
I can feel the anger, the rage
I sense the pain strongly pumping through her veins
Listen, listen and you to can hear
the song that is as strong as the distant thunder
It is the song of the widowed mother