Free Verse


  Juxtapose hearts
Answers rhythm
 Nocturnal spirits
Unearth desires
    Analytical visions
   Release emotions
   Yearning to fulfill

Altruistic Vibrations

Music down low
Candles lit across the room
In the corner a fire burns casting a glow
Shadows dance along the barren walls
Bed covered in rose petals
Sweet scent tantalizing a starved soul
Champagne and two flutes wait silently
Chocolate covered strawberries for the palate
Outside the wind howls
Soon to intermingle with the soft moans to come
Snow drifts softly against the windowpane
Dreamily the scene is set
In anticipation of altruistic vibrations

In Limbo

There is no simple yes or maybe
Black or white slight shades of grey
The defining line between today and tomorrow
Reality unravels
Hope becomes a figment of the imagination
Ambiguity lingers in the air
Out of your grasp slips fragile possibilities
From eyes tears rally to fight a battle lost
In the end decisions still remain unclear
Leaving you suspended in limbo

The Unknown

I can’t discipline the forces that
Lurk seeking to devour happiness
To stop my soul from soaring
My mind to create
My spirit from breathing
My heart from loving
If granted all that would be
Left is an empty shell
Of what use to be


Dearest to my heart
Everlasting love
Caresses in the night
Embers inflamed to passion
Merry souls dance
Breathing in and out
Expressions of giving
Remains forever this
    December night

Wrong Turn

Turn left no take a right
Directions on sign
Obscured to vision
Is this my test?
Left lane or right
Fork in the road make a U-turn
What’s next?
Damn navigation system is speaking
In a language that doesn’t exist
Pull out the road map
Now I’m even more confused
Dead end a head keep on driving
Put on the breaks
This will not be my fate
To end on a wrong turn

The End

Beautiful words put into verse convey all the things
She couldn't say but desired too
Their time had come full circle and now
She was ready to move on
He didn't want their love to end
Couldn't understand why she was
Walking away from him
Something’s aren't meant to be assumed
Love comes, love dies
That’s part of the mystery of life
As the verse entered its next stanza
She gave him one last glance over her shoulder
As the song slowly played out
She carefully walked out the door
Her farewell to an
End to a love song

Don't Play With Fire

Drowning in desire
Opulence born and bred
Night welcomes clandestine meeting
Traverse to wickedness

Power of lust
Levitates rational thought
Anguish plays the role of executioner
Yesterday’s ashes mingle with misery

Wicked proclivities wets the appetite
Invites sin to lie in bed
Throes of covetousness ignites flame
Hell holds the door open to welcome

Fighting against primal urges
Inclinations driven by want
Repentances smolders
Embers are all that remains
Don’t play with fire…you’ll get burned

Caught in the Cross Fire

Camouflage in a war of desire
A love triangle
United in hearts battle
Glorified victory of soul of love
Honor belongs to no one
Trenches can’t conceal deceit

Inglorious esteem breathes contempt
Noble pride reaps sin

Tempestuous passions erupt
Hedonistic sojourns grief of dying love
Evoking a pledge of allegiance

Careless loyalty abandons hope
Resurrect a grave of loneliness
Obituary of lies fall from lips
Self- indulgent remorse
Shadows forgiveness

Freedom sounds for whom
Illicit acts caught in a moment of time
Revile intelligence of common sense
Eons of casualty of heart lie in a vacant field
            Caught in the cross fire

Bedroom Scenes

Scene one, he entered the bedroom candles danced off her
naked body as she lay poised
Sensually exposing the secret of herself
Scene two, slowly he maneuvered his was over to where
she rested looking down into eyes no
Color could describe
Scene three, she reached up and seductively placed her hand
on the passionate part of his body
Watched as his eyes closed ever so slightly
Ummm she thought to herself, he was now hard putty in her hands
Scene four, he unhurriedly begins to undress stripping for her
he knew this would get her off
Removing the last barrier letting her eyes feast on his manhood
their eyes then met ‘come to me the spider said to the fly’
Scene five, hunger for rapture sent them both on a journey to conquer  
Scene six, intertwined their body’s rocked to
New emotions not defined by nature
Scene seven, sounds echoed and bounced off the walls
matting call could be heard in all directions
Scene eight, sweat poured from their pores still they kept on going for
more carnal pleasure
Scene nine, positions they performed rivaled the Karma Sutra
passions continued to roar
Scene ten, can’t be mentioned let’s just say the scene ended
With two people satiated and resting up for scene eleven...


Changing colors
Leaves fallen to the ground
Sound of wind so smooth
Coldness seeps within
Eyes beholding the beauty
The sky unabashed in maturity
Frozen tear drops
Blanket of white covers naked earth
Smoke bellow from a lonely chimney stack
Inside fire roars in the hearth
Warm and contented some are
The rest look for and not get
Delicious aromas fill the air
Hungry bellies growl in the distance
Wishing for a place to call home
Night falls
Another November day has come to an end


He walked into the club and there she stood
Her back to him beauty etched in every inch
A portrait to be painted
A song to be harmonized
Poetry of loveliness
His emotions he tried to conceal
Never before had he witness such sensuality
All he wanted to do was touch her
To see if she was real
He imagined his hands on her body
Lips tasting the sweetness of her core
Fantasies danced before his eyes
Becoming bold he took a step towards her
Started to reach a hand out to touch her
His vision of exquisiteness
Utopia standing there for him
To possess
With a change of mind he let his
Hand fall back to his side
Fearing he wasn't worthy of this goddess
He turned and walked away
Never seeing her face
But the portrait of her
Always remained in his mind

Chasing Paper Airplanes

I sit I watch waiting for the chance to catch whispers
Floating in the air
Sky azure white clouds dance between the sun and earth
Days shorten still I sit I watch
Making wishes futile if I’m to believe
Happiness is just a dream
Catch a falling tear drop on fingertip
I sit I watch
Breathe in breathe out
In the light of day things are clear
Gaze up at the heavens
Wondering if God really does exist
Say a prayer if He does maybe He will hear
Retrace my thoughts
I sit I watch
A little girl lost
A young woman found
A bitter pill goes down with a spoon of honey
Is life on a merry go round?
Spinning to infinity
I sit I watch
Finality to a days end
Chasing paper airplanes

The Idea of You

It’s not you that I miss
Not your smell or your scent
It isn’t even your presence
There’s just something that keeps the idea of you alive
For good or bad haven’t quite fished through that one yet
Still the memories float around in my mind
Ideas of what I wished you to be yet you were
Never meant to be
Sunset walks along the shore climb Mt. Everest
Swim the Atlantic Ocean
Ideas only formulated in my dreams
Steamy sweat soaked sheets
Hands roaming over my body
Ideas of a lover who knew how to make
Love and receive it back
Desire so strong I smelled it
Before I caught a whiff of you
Ideas of only what I hoped to form
Into reality stay hidden in the idea of you


No tears fall from eyes
No sad reflection of what could have been
Memories dashed to stone
Old songs don’t evoke passion
Life has a new clarity didn’t see before
Hidden behind closed metaphors
Strength from within replaced weakness
Sins washed away being born again
Hate waste of energy replaced with positivity
Tomorrow ushers in new beginnings
Yesterday vanished in the rain
Future I can say adios to pain
Adios to emotional hell
Adios to spirit weary and trodden under
Adios to the prison cell
Created by a demented warden  
Adios, adios, adios, adios

The Other Woman

She knocked at the door standing there big as life
Looked into the eyes of her competition
Smiled sweetly knowing the sins she committed
Would soon be answered
Hands on her ample hips
Her lips dripping with revulsion
Singing a song of the love for this man
Tears begin to run rivers down her face
Pleading for his release
Begging so earnestly
Passionate speech came forth out of desperation
Her love for him was her poison
Held prisoner she kept him safely tucked
Away in her heart
She continued to implore, “Let him go he’s not yours
Staring back into her eyes only emotion
To surface was sorrow
“Look lady you’re the fifth one today to stop by
Apparently he’s not yours either”
With that the door was slammed in her face
A few minutes later came another knock
Different woman same scenario


 I wish I could disappear 
 Erase all memories of myself 
Become an apparition 
 To hunt those who’ve 
Brought me pain 
Escape from troubles that brew
 In discontent my heart bleeds
(Stop the music player to listen to the video)

Caress the Night Farewell

Caress the night farewell
As we breathlessly
Await morning’s tear drops
Kissing the equable earth
Suns nimble rays dances across
Azure sky
On the horizon nature’s beauty
Breathes in contentment to thy soul
A painted portrait created by God’s
Own hands renders a picture of


Secretes have their way of revealing truth
Under prying eyes
Bedroom tell lies
The heart like the mind  
Evil undresses
Ruse delivers pain imposed upon it
Forgotten feelings
Undetected the
Guise is buried beneath
Eternity of hate

Your Scent

Your scent invades my essence
Tantalizing, teasing, caressing
Evoking passionate fantasies
Diving into the deep scent of you
Ecstasy inhaling desire pools
Your scent trickles
Seeping from your core
Liquid delight… anticipation
Has my heart pumping faster
Knowing soon we’ll be matching
Beat for beat
Thrust for thrust
Lust for lust
Love for love
Arousal increasing your aroma
Mating call sings
Exhales inhale breathe in some more
Of you…


The sound coming from the closet gets
Louder with each passing hour
Moans and groans bones rattle
The door knob turns but doesn’t open
The shame remains hidden behind the barrier
Evil laughter comes from the other side
Whisper of loneliness adds to the mix
Secrets line the four corners
Deception fills the cracks
Illicit cravings feed on
Pretty little liars
Seducing hungry eyes looking
To add to the over flowing riddles
Banging to get out
Reveal to the world fake smiles
And polite kisses are a smoke screen
To the true meaning behind each passionate touch
One last chance is taken for escape
Crossing a threshold to revelations
The solid panel is strong not giving way to
The pressure
For now skeletons remain securely locked away
Until the next attempt

Second Sight

She could see into the future and
knew what to expect
So when he walked out the door she didn’t
even give a shit
She anticipated he’d be leaving soon
so there were no tears or words
Matter of fact she had his bags already packed
greeted him at the door and gave him
All his shit back
the confused expression on his face had
Her laughing
he didn’t know she possessed this ability 
She could see past his bullshit 
so why didn’t she act sooner
There’s a time for everything and his time had come
looking into the future she knew she’d be strong
Envisioned her life a free dove flying above
and for him she saw his destruction
The next woman he tried to play
turned around and fed him his own retribution

In the Moment

In the moment your life-cycle changes
Embrace a new future
Instead settled for the stale past
The answers you come up with
Are not the ones you are willing
To accept
Circumstances leave no room
For guess work
In the moment time can’t be taken back
For an instant clarity is a diamond
Sparkling in the sun
Examine it closer and see it’s
Filled with inclusions
Blemishes that aren’t seen with the
Naked eye become visible in the dark
In the moment what looked good in the mirror
Evil fore shadows behind soulless eyes
Lips speak deceit buried deeply in the heart
Lure you in and trap your spirit
Still it was in the moment
That has brought you to this place

Hell Hath No Fury

You haven’t seen anything until
A woman’s heart has been f*cked with
Lightening, hail, windstorm
Are nothing compared to the
Anger in a woman who’s been
F*cked over onetime too many
Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes
Are destructive f*ck with a woman’s
Emotions and get dusted
Tornadoes violently destroy what ever
Comes into its path
A woman’s heart is no match
For the devastation
She possesses more power than
The combined anger of nature
Hell hath no fury of a woman’s heart
That’s been stepped on
Watch the sky a storm is on the horizon!!!


Ephemeral life
I still remember the color of your eyes
Gift of life tear drop for each year
How soon time becomes a memory
Tomorrow is another day
Envision the smile catch in the heart
Embrace a part of me in spirit will forever live
Never letting the reminiscence of you fade

Now in Paperback

 Poetic Illusion in book form for those who prefer to read the physical book rather than reading it on a Kindle or other tablets

In the Doghouse

You call him to come, and he acts as if he’s deaf

Or doesn’t understand the command

Give him the task of fetching your slippers

Bring you the morning newspaper

Simple things to do…

Suddenly he’s stuck with the mentality of being two

Pat him on the head for the good deeds he performs

Swat him on the ass when he goes and pees in a corner

Rub his nose in his wrong doings

Scold him tell him he has been a bad boy

Sometimes you want to throw your hands up in frustration

Send him off to obedient school

Maybe they will be able to teach him

What you’ve been trying to

Your orders don’t

Seem to register in his brain

When he’s happy he’ll lick your face

Rub up against you showing you his affection

Then run off and get with another bitch

Goes to show he has no discrimination in his soul

 He’ll hump anything that has four legs and a tail

Here you are back to square one

What to do when a dog doesn’t listen

Pack up his doggy bone

Change the locks on his doghouse

Go out and find a dog that will obey

Your every wish and not give a

Second, look at that other bitch



Disastrous end of a love affair
Calamity in the wake of the fallout
Catastrophe bemoan the wind
Misfortune to the hearts involved
Heartbreak came at an expensive price
Ruin reputations bought for a night of illicit passion
Adversity fashioned the road to redemption
Mishap or coincidence lover’s duplicity revealed
Rage of uncontrollable obsession led to an
Upheaval of reprisal sorting out the victims
Cataclysmic tempo builds to a crescendo
Damage to lives unfold
Shattered emotions lay bare
Chaos ensued sorting out the fallen reflections
Bedlam erupted two souls entangled with each other
Pandemonium couldn’t be stilled
Anarchy warped the minds of survivors
As they question why didn’t any one see
The tragedy before it happened


He was drifting floating along with life
Wherever it took him, he’d end up there
There was no anchor to weigh him down
Roots that needed watering
He went with the direction of the wind
Changing course at a moment’s notice
Nomad to wander this earth
Liberated spirit
To live amongst the birds that flew free
Stop analyzing what his existence meant
Spread his wings he soared
 Joining his heart to mother earth
 Liberally roamed, drifted along with life
Wherever it took him, he’d end up there
Finding peace…