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One Last Petal

I stand alone

But I am strong

Wind nor rain has not

Washed away my existence


My roots are deep entangled

With the tears of the ones

Who have beheld my beauty


See I’m wisdom and purity

I am love peace and unity

I stand alone and I’m free


In a dream, you came to me
Reaching out my hand to touch you
The penetration went straight through
A figment of imagination
 But this was a dream and you were real
How then can you leave me empty?
Trouble thoughts awaken me
And I ask myself if I’d done something wrong
You never left me empty and alone
Even in repose
I pray comeback to me one more time
Give me that chance of fulfillment if only

In my dream


It unites us, it gratifies us
reaching down the depths of our soul
it lifts us, it touches us
resonating heart and mind

Melodious harmonizing vibrations
Unified uplifting someone's soul
Sensuous sensuality strums a heart
Internal rhythm heals a cold spirit
Comforting emotions bridging the gap of humanity 

Too Late Love has Packed its Bags

He rocked back in forth trembling hands
Held up close to his face in prayer
Something maybe he should have been
Doing all along, praying for the knowledge on
How to love his woman

Empty closets that her clothes use to adorn
The clashing sound of hangers reverberated in his mind
Where she kept her perfumes and make-up
Cried out to him she was no longer here

Called all her friends
His calls were sent to voicemail
He tried to send her a text
His texts were now blocked
He tried to contact her on her
Social network
He was blocked there too

Tears begin to roll down from his eyes
He had a prize and now she was
Someone else’s queen

Didn’t she know how much he loved her?
Didn’t he tell her every now and then?
He made love to her giving her his everything
Then rolled over and went to sleep
How dare she walk out of his life?
Without even a goodbye

Didn’t he spend lavishly on her?
Showering her with brand new
Pots and pans so she would stop
Complaining about the rusty ones she was using
He acquired new things for himself
In addition, they weren’t pots and pans

Didn’t he remember special dates?
It wasn’t his fault he forgot most of them
This was his way of love

Now she was with someone
Who knows how to treat a woman
Putting her feelings before his
Showering her with the attention
She was deprived of
He helps to build back her self-esteem
And loved her beyond words
All because it was
Too late love has packed its bags
And unpacked them in happiness joy and laughter

Junes Tears

Little drops from heaven
Each one a remembrance
Of a day the light in my life suddenly vanished
And here I sit now reflecting on a time
I felt would never heal a time when my tears
Were my bed and the questions in my head
Kept asking why my light had to go away
Barely a beginning didn’t have the chance
To grasp the meaning of tomorrow when he was
Fighting for today
The tears fall with each remembrance
A heart breaks with each reflection
My pain so ingrained in my being I didn’t
Believe I’d ever breathe again
Still I existed to be the fortress for visitors
Who saw what they wanted a soul strong and unbending
But inside part of me was lost and in the shadows my
Tears were my ghosts as my pain never let me forget
June tears would always be commemoration of the day
My light was no more


Mesmerized by beauty of sky
Arrogance of nature breathes
Restless yearnings left unfulfilled
Caress mother earth
Healing one moment at a time

The End

Beautiful words put into verse convey all the things
She couldn't say but desired too
Their time had come full circle and now
She was ready to move on
He didn't want their love to end
Couldn't understand why she was
Walking away from him
Something’s aren't meant to be assumed
Love comes, love dies
That’s part of the mystery of life
As the verse entered its next stanza
She gave him one last glance over her shoulder
As the song slowly played out
She carefully walked out the door
Her farewell to an
End to a love song


He walked into the club and there she stood
Her back to him beauty etched in every inch
A portrait to be painted
A song to be harmonized
Poetry of loveliness
His emotions he tried to conceal
Never before had he witness such sensuality
All he wanted to do was touch her
To see if she was real
He imagined his hands on her body
Lips tasting the sweetness of her core
Fantasies danced before his eyes
Becoming bold he took a step towards her
Started to reach a hand out to touch her
His vision of exquisiteness
Utopia standing there for him
To possess
With a change of mind he let his
Hand fall back to his side
Fearing he wasn't worthy of this goddess
He turned and walked away
Never seeing her face
But the portrait of her
Always remained in his mind

Chasing Paper Airplanes

I sit I watch waiting for the chance to catch whispers
Floating in the air
Sky azure white clouds dance between the sun and earth
Days shorten still I sit I watch
Making wishes futile if I’m to believe
Happiness is just a dream
Catch a falling tear drop on fingertip
I sit I watch
Breathe in breathe out
In the light of day things are clear
Gaze up at the heavens
Wondering if God really does exist
Say a prayer if He does maybe He will hear
Retrace my thoughts
I sit I watch
A little girl lost
A young woman found
A bitter pill goes down with a spoon of honey
Is life on a merry go round?
Spinning to infinity
I sit I watch
Finality to a days end
Chasing paper airplanes

The Idea of You

It’s not you that I miss
Not your smell or your scent
It isn’t even your presence
There’s just something that keeps the idea of you alive
For good or bad haven’t quite fished through that one yet
Still the memories float around in my mind
Ideas of what I wished you to be yet you were
Never meant to be
Sunset walks along the shore climb Mt. Everest
Swim the Atlantic Ocean
Ideas only formulated in my dreams
Steamy sweat soaked sheets
Hands roaming over my body
Ideas of a lover who knew how to make
Love and receive it back
Desire so strong I smelled it
Before I caught a whiff of you
Ideas of only what I hoped to form
Into reality stay hidden in the idea of you


No tears fall from eyes
No sad reflection of what could have been
Memories dashed to stone
Old songs don’t evoke passion
Life has a new clarity didn’t see before
Hidden behind closed metaphors
Strength from within replaced weakness
Sins washed away being born again
Hate waste of energy replaced with positivity
Tomorrow ushers in new beginnings
Yesterday vanished in the rain
Future I can say adios to pain
Adios to emotional hell
Adios to spirit weary and trodden under
Adios to the prison cell
Created by a demented warden  
Adios, adios, adios, adios

The Other Woman

She knocked at the door standing there big as life
Looked into the eyes of her competition
Smiled sweetly knowing the sins she committed
Would soon be answered
Hands on her ample hips
Her lips dripping with revulsion
Singing a song of the love for this man
Tears begin to run rivers down her face
Pleading for his release
Begging so earnestly
Passionate speech came forth out of desperation
Her love for him was her poison
Held prisoner she kept him safely tucked
Away in her heart
She continued to implore, “Let him go he’s not yours
Staring back into her eyes only emotion
To surface was sorrow
“Look lady you’re the fifth one today to stop by
Apparently he’s not yours either”
With that the door was slammed in her face
A few minutes later came another knock
Different woman same scenario

Now in Paperback

 Poetic Illusion in book form for those who prefer to read the physical book rather than reading it on a Kindle or other tablets

Poetry Is My Husband

Connubial to words that come alive

Keeps me fulfilled never wanting

Strong dialect sometimes gives way to

 Passionate tongue

Creating a haven with each stroke of a pen

And my refuge from storms of life I keep within

Gives me release to express who I am

At times I am lost

Through spoken words I channel peace

 Finding myself

In all its devotion, I am in no way

Left feeling unloved

With every verse it is akin to making love

Intertwined in rhythms of emotions

Conjugal souls’ truss by lexis

Together we awaken desires

Fulfill dreams

Create an aura of mystery

Spellbound woven around destiny

Yours and mine

Forever we are one and the same

Infinity, infinitely wisdom

To make laughter sound in the

Heart instead of sorrow

 But sorrows glutinous hunger

Is a montage of delectable

Roseate our ingenuity cannot ignore

Bring release to a tormented soul

Kismet is our spirit my, poetry Husband

He is the color of the rainbow

Freedom of expression

Creation born to my imagination

 I take you as my inspiration to

 Give me insight and empathy to write, explore

Unearth buried feelings, delve into the psyche

Analyze the subconscious discover

 Hidden metaphors

And similes this we shall carry out

Until death we do part,

I’ll take you with me to the grave

Behind we will leave a legacy

 A perfect marriage of poetry

Poetry is my Husband