Free Verse

Tarnished Memories and Broken Hearts

 So many times, good memories

Are overshadowed by broken glass and

Shards of  pain

Joyous moments clouded by ugly recriminations

Happy reflections sadden by disdain

Laughter caught in the throat

Does not bubble forth as carbonated water

Tarnished remembrances chastise recollections

Ruined heart and soul excuses relayed half ass


Dynamite explodes revealing true intentions

Cannot hide underneath lies

Feelings vulnerable weaken vessel of self

Shattered heart and corroded memories






Goodnight Sweet Dreams

 Some things not meant to be

Holding on to impossibilities

Chasing dreams always within

Reach yet not close enough

To grasp in palm of your hand

Standing on the other side

Of time making wishes

Futile when they fail

To materialize

You place a soft kiss on your dreams

 In the dark you whisper

To all your imaginings and desire

Good night sweet dreams…


 Go a head bare your soul

You don't have to be strong for the world

Give in to the emotions you have so valiantly

Fought off

Give in to the pain, that has no name

Tired? I know you are

Tired of trying to shoulder responsibility alone

Carrying around the guilt if you let everyone down

Fair? no it's not

You're the one who is up all night

Release that hurt

Don't be afraid

Cleansing your spirit is always ok

Go a head, the gods are listening

Sorrow, is something we all have inside of us

This is your healing, purge those feelings and