Free Verse


who are you to have the world so fooled
buying into your lies
damn the disguise
you wear it so well a real cool veil
no one even bothers to stop
and take a closer look
your smile so serene
in your hand you bleed the blood
of those you've
fooled, tricked, bamboozled
who are you to have the world so fooled
the universe rocks with your deception
the words you speak are super sleek and slimy
and damn grimy and
yet you get away with
stepping on feelings wrapping your lies
so skillful in honey
the image portrayed have those believing you're a god
when you're a fraud
the truth will be revealed and you'll be left
standing in an empty field surrounded
by those you hurt ready to give back justice
well deserved


Doughty choices not committal to the grave
Epoch of emotions ageless as time
Contagion of despair touches us all
Idiom of words not making sense
Sublime affirmation trusting in paroxysm of untruths
Immersed in making sense out of nothing
Opulent opinion of one’s self   
Nonentity thoughts divulge ignorance
Surrealistic end to painful

Running Away To Something

Tears falling I don’t even know why
All the pain you caused me and here
I sit crying because of something lost
Broken heart will heal
Soul comforted
Spirit rejoined
In all that’s transpired I still question why
If your love for me was real than why
Am I soaked in tears?
Washing my body clean of
Any memories of you
If it was that easy
What’s going to erased them from
My mind
Running away, running to something
Believing there is a future where
I can survive without you
Maybe the memories will never
Be completely exorcised