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Love is the beginning and the end
Peace is accomplished with acceptance of knowing our true heart
Unity happens when we embrace one another for 
our uniqueness

Chasing Destiny

Sometimes the decision we make
At the time they are conceived
Make perfect sense
Sadly, we can’t gaze into a crystal ball and see
That decision will haunt you for the rest of
Your life
In my head I've rehearse every probability of scenarios
Of how to say the things that need to be said
Pride is a curse locking out the one who should of
Been holding the key
Now the locks have rusted from tears
The key disappeared an eternity ago
Moreover, I am tired of chasing a dream
When I get close enough to taste humility
It quickly vanishes in the mist
Now I can see my fingertips reaching out to grasp
What was but now is
Slowly, slowly, slowly, I reach out to destiny
To ask for his forgiveness
He looked right through me as if I
Was invisible
I yelled to his retreating figure
He only looked over his shoulder
Sadness aura surrounding his soul

Walking away, away, away…