Free Verse

Prey Love

Standing with hands on her hips she surveyed the room
Over in a dark corner she spotted her next victim
Easy prey she thought to herself had all the marks
Of a man who could easily be taken
Coy smile on her face she sashayed up to him pulled out a cigarette looking up she saw surprise rise in his pupils
Taking out a gold lighter he lit her cigarette
Thank you she purred and turned to walk away
What’s the hurry he asked hunger in his eyes
She looked over her creamy colored shoulder
Her face partially hidden from the hair that had
Fallen across her face
She smiled shrugged her slender shoulder and sat
Down no hurry she said no hurry at all
She puffed her cigarette blowing smoke slowly
He took in her appearance, guess her aged to be of consent
Underneath the table he ran a hand up her thigh
She turned and smiled reaching beneath the table
And inching his hand up further……..
Later as they lay in his bed he took out a cigarette
Lighting it up he blew circles above his head
He looked over at her still sleeping form
Next to his bed pulled out a long syringe and
A vile of something that was no good
Gently he took her arm and plunged the needle deep within
Her eyes popped open fear registering
 Her world faded to black………
On his way out the door he took
One last look at her lifeless body
Sinister smile and death in his eyes he walked
Out the door living it wide open
Disappearing into the early morning fog