Free Verse

In the Doghouse

You call him to come, and he acts as if he’s deaf

Or doesn’t understand the command

Give him the task of fetching your slippers

Bring you the morning newspaper

Simple things to do…

Suddenly he’s stuck with the mentality of being two

Pat him on the head for the good deeds he performs

Swat him on the ass when he goes and pees in a corner

Rub his nose in his wrong doings

Scold him tell him he has been a bad boy

Sometimes you want to throw your hands up in frustration

Send him off to obedient school

Maybe they will be able to teach him

What you’ve been trying to

Your orders don’t

Seem to register in his brain

When he’s happy he’ll lick your face

Rub up against you showing you his affection

Then run off and get with another bitch

Goes to show he has no discrimination in his soul

 He’ll hump anything that has four legs and a tail

Here you are back to square one

What to do when a dog doesn’t listen

Pack up his doggy bone

Change the locks on his doghouse

Go out and find a dog that will obey

Your every wish and not give a

Second, look at that other bitch



Disastrous end of a love affair
Calamity in the wake of the fallout
Catastrophe bemoan the wind
Misfortune to the hearts involved
Heartbreak came at an expensive price
Ruin reputations bought for a night of illicit passion
Adversity fashioned the road to redemption
Mishap or coincidence lover’s duplicity revealed
Rage of uncontrollable obsession led to an
Upheaval of reprisal sorting out the victims
Cataclysmic tempo builds to a crescendo
Damage to lives unfold
Shattered emotions lay bare
Chaos ensued sorting out the fallen reflections
Bedlam erupted two souls entangled with each other
Pandemonium couldn’t be stilled
Anarchy warped the minds of survivors
As they question why didn’t any one see
The tragedy before it happened


He was drifting floating along with life
Wherever it took him, he’d end up there
There was no anchor to weigh him down
Roots that needed watering
He went with the direction of the wind
Changing course at a moment’s notice
Nomad to wander this earth
Liberated spirit
To live amongst the birds that flew free
Stop analyzing what his existence meant
Spread his wings he soared
 Joining his heart to mother earth
 Liberally roamed, drifted along with life
Wherever it took him, he’d end up there
Finding peace…


To know your own mind
Explore heart and soul
Connect spirit to free heart
Erase pain forever
Healing thyself one step at a time
Meditating on love
Showing there is forgiveness
To be given
Absconding from self destruction
Poisons that corrupt body
Control the intellect
Standing firm on a belief of one love
Saying to yourself your are worthy
Beautiful, passionate, empathetic
To sufferings of others
Wake to mornings blessings
Sleep to evening’s peace


So much, pain how do I give comfort
Sadness and confusion I wish to
Transfer it all too me
For a moment to give him, release
Tears hauntingly reverberate
The sound I can’t extinguish
Wish I could erase the resonance from my mind
I cried too but held it inside of me for him
He needed strength I gave him all I could
Still I was left feeling incomplete
Because he was incomplete
And the journey continues
As this soul carries his load
Seeking absolve from the path
He chose to take
Has to learn to forgive his mistake
See the heart is a strong vessel
But to let it heal he has to let
Go of the past
And find forgiveness in himself
Love him
And I’ll be here the shoulder for
Him to rest his burdens on

Hunger is the Night

She prowled the streets at night
Moonlight bounced off her black Mercedes SLR
She had a selective appetite
Her hunger for different taste of gourmet
She grinned sighting her next meal
Pulling slowly up to the curb
Her meal strolled up to the car
Reflection from the moon temporarily
Blinded it
The door Rotated vertically on the
Passenger’s side
She gave her feast a delectable look
The trap set it entered
Driving away, she glanced to the right
Taking in the sight from the corner of her eyes
 Slowly licked her lips, delicious she
Thought to herself
What a feast she was going to have
Hours later, she tired of her meal
Gathered it up and took it
To the dump
Now for dessert she thought
Driving off in her black Mercedes SLR


This doesn’t make sense
And I’m a fool for thinking it should
I laugh at myself because it’s
Better than crying rivers of tears
Once again, I’ve been led into
A trap
 Warned by everyone
I turned a deaf ear
Thought I knew what I was in for
You can only fool me for so long
One day I will awaken
You’d better run
I coming after you with both guns blazing
My target in sight 
Smooth operator so you think
I don’t forget treachery
Be afraid be very afraid
You day is coming when you
Least believe it too be
And I’ll be the one dancing across your


She knew it was dangerous
Letting anyone get too close
Secrets she held
Could destroy fragile
She dared to be bold
Emotions she tried to control
Manipulations in her arsenal
Of weapons
Deceit camouflaged
Behind sincere smiles
Truth was always in her eyes
No one took the time to notice
Her beauty blinded their minds
Forbidden fruit
Desire hidden behind
Coy smile
Beauty to behold
Trouble on the horizon
Temptation blows
Enticing wind
Surrounds the soul
Laughter sounds to
A hungry heart
Ready to embark
Tasting the illicit
Juice of ripen