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Being Played

 Today I love you

In one breath

Tomorrow, I despise you

Give you sex when you want it

Withhold it you don’t own it

Rent it out to you

For the moment

Give me money when I ask you

When you ask me

I don’t have it, I’m broke




Turn on the charm

To disarm you

Then withdraw

When you displease me

Hot and cold

When I need to be

You can be the man

When I let you

But we all know

Who wears the pants?

Don’t we

Don’t we

Don’t we

You’re weak

I let you think

You are Hercules




Take your money

Call you honey, baby

Make it seem everything

Is peaches and cream

So, you won’t discover

My true colors

Give you children

To tighten the noose

Around your heart




Now I’ve got you

You’re all mine

Long as you don’t

Recognize my deceitful side

Deceitful side

Deceitful side

Deceitful side

 Play this game forever

Because you will never

Leave me

Leave me

Leave me

Your third eye is closed

And I have bolted the door

And swallowed the key




I build you up

Only to break you down

Give you hope

Then stomp on it

Into the ground

Make you think

The world is square

When it's round

Question if what

I'm telling you

Is profound

Are you crazy?

Or just being Gaslight

I can convince you

I'm right

When I'm wrong

Have you hearing


It's only a song

In your mind

Seeing things that

Aren't really there

Are you sane?

Or has insanity crept in

This is only partial

To what comes next

Psychological warfare

Emotional blackmail

Mental manipulation

Will seal the deal

And you'll never

Even imagine

What's real or

A fantasy

When I'm through

With gaslighting