Free Verse

Love Me Some You

Lay with me
Only never to arise
Varying degrees of passion
Erupt between two bodies

Mesmerized by the desire reflected in your eyes
Envisioning lips caressing my secrets

Selfishly I want more
Ominous emotions emergence
Mirrored hunger undeniable
Echo of voices crying out in pleasure

Yielding to the fire burning
On my way to finding
Utopia as I love me some you

The Dance

Watch how my body sways to the music
Each tempo pulls me into the dance
Close my eyes wet my lips
Let my hips perform naturally to the rhythm
As I imagine a lover captured in my embrace
Our bodies working fluently as one
Pressed so close our hearts beat in unison
With the music reverberating around me
Passion pours from my core
My appetite is ferocious as I pull
You into my web of desire
Illicit acts of the dance tantalize
Captivating an audience
It’s my dance that hypnotize
Hungry eyes
Watch me as I dance, as I dance as I dance…