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January Love

Jezebel a vexatious woman
Another dared not to be like her but failed
Narcissistic characteristics begin to
Unveil true desires
Arousing the suspicion of others
Rival for her affection
Yesterday a dual in the sun

Lost souls lie dying
Ominous laughter whispers in the air
Virtuous lady only a mirage in lonely minds
Eventually no one wins  
January Love

Love Me Some You

Lay with me
Only never to arise
Varying degrees of passion
Erupt between two bodies

Mesmerized by the desire reflected in your eyes
Envisioning lips caressing my secrets

Selfishly I want more
Ominous emotions emergence
Mirrored hunger undeniable
Echo of voices crying out in pleasure

Yielding to the fire burning
On my way to finding
Utopia as I love me some you