Free Verse

As She Tantalized

As She Tantalized
Her hips were swaying to the beat
Long  sexy legs captivated
All the men in the room held mesmerized
Eyes closed head titled back her body moved
In fluent motion she licked her hot pink lips
Letting the music be her lover
Making love to her as she
Bumped and grind, gyrated her hips
Her hand ran down her thighs inviting
She moaned as the music took over
No one could take their eyes off of her
Beautiful vision,
Dynamic personality
Inside she was poison wine
But that didn’t stop the men
From wanting her
They lusted in their hearts
Watching from a distance
Some who were bold enough to approach
Felt like king of the world
When they got her attention
A coy smile on her mouth
She knew her body was a spell
She cast so well
Pick and choose of any man in the room
Smoke filled atmosphere
Shot glasses slammed down on the bar
Someone shouting for another refill
Music screamed deafening ears
As her body tantalized
Asher body tantalized
As her body tantalized………….

Dreaming In Color

Close my eyes, run my hand across your empty side
Bed is cold, lonely, the smell of your cologne still lingers
Roll over onto my side curl up into myself, wishing you were
Lying next to me holding me tight
Sleep eases its way in
Dreams begin
Moaning drifting deeper into my dream,
Dreaming in color

Crying My Heart Out To You

Careful of the tightrope walked
Rage has tittered on the edge
Yonder there is a place
Insatiable desires corrupt
Negligence of a heart
Gone away broken


Heavens breath breathe
Eternal love
Aching winds blow in pain
Reprieve of sins unforgiving
Thievery of emotions

Obfuscate inner soul
Utopia lives within
Tangible spirit dances

Timorously standing on threshold
Ostracize by fate

Yesterday is gone
Odorous passion still lingers
Unrequited love has awaken to
Crying out my heart to you

No Shades of Gray

She didn’t know why she felt so sad
Tears came and she couldn’t understand
There was a feeling inside of her that
She couldn’t seem to touch
No matter how hard she tried to
Understand and connect
Was she missing something, someone
She took the sadness with her to
Bed and awaken with it each morn
Wrapped in the arms of an emotion
She couldn’t describe only to say
It never left her and everyday
She carried it, becoming more a part of her
For some great sin was this her price
To be cursed always with this
Sadness inside of her
She couldn’t get drunk enough
Ingest enough pills there was
No relief for the ill feeling
She lived with
Turning to sex only increased her pain
What was left?
The louder the sound of voices in
Her head deeper the pain she was in
Sadness damned her and took
Over her existence
So I guess you could say her world lost all
Color and in the end all she saw was black
No shades of gray


Carefully examine the vessel that beats
Carefully let healing begin
day by day
Carefully embrace quiet
while soul searching

Carefully nature is all things
Carefully tides of pain ride
out to find another
Carefully awaken youthful

Carefully the sweet smell of roses
Carefully the voice of heaven is

Carefully arms welcome
once was
Carefully is now beginning
to live
Carefully finding my way back
to you

Blood Roses

Beauty in whose eyes
Love is death
Odor of sweetness
Out pouring of pain
Deceit veiled in petals of softness

Rendezvous between sheets
Ominous epiphany rain tears
Soliloquy of words whispers to a heart
Eglantine dies slowly
Solace in the arms of a lover bleeds
Blood Roses

Ego Trip

He walked down the street whistling a soft tune
Handsome man and he knew that
Women turned their heads to get a better look
He smiled to himself as he continued in his swagger
Couldn’t pass a mirror to see his reflection staring back
Soft wavy hair he wore just slightly too long
Manicured nails and a day at the spa was his habit
Dressed in designer garb you’d never catch him
Wearing off the rack
All the ritzy boutiques knew him by name on sight
Always wore a rose in his lapel
Smelling of designer colognes
He’d often give a dollar or two to the poor man
Standing on the street corner this made him feel good
Thought he’d really did something to be remembered for
Walking away he’d take out his handkerchief and wipe his
Hands as if the dirt from the man had transferred to him
He sometimes drove his expensive car; a beautiful woman at his side
Would show off like he was a superstar
Fancy restaurants he frequented, was known to be a big tipper
On first name bases with the maitre d’
Sat at the finest tables ate, drank, and satisfied his lustful hunger
He boasts of his wealth the grandest schools he was sent to
Lavished in the life of luxury never wanted for nothing
He was on top of the world but sadly you see
This was all in his head for at night he sat alone
In a one room dump a dim light danced against the walls
Stale air filtered through the cracked window
The stench of musk and sour food blew in the atmosphere
With his hand in his head he wondered if dreams really did come true
Tired and disgusted suddenly it was clear
He stood and looked out his window up into the heavens
 High above the image of a bird held his gaze transfixed
As it flew away and disappeared into the brightness
Of morning light; then he looked down how far was it;
He looked back again at where the bird had once been; free
He spread his wings soaring into the clouds
He looked back at the earth and laughed

Walking Out Of Hell

Weary to the bone
Against cold stone
Lie my head down
Kismet soul with death
Inviting sorrow
Neglecting life
Gone are days of tomorrow

Overture to a symphony
Using distinctive opus
Trouble my bed of comfort

Often stumbling away to nothing
Fight the darkness within

Heaven is but a dream
Evil stands in the shadows
Lurking ready to devour
Leaving fear in its place

Empty Bed

She said baby you made your bed now you lie in it alone
Without the warmth of my body to take away the cold
Even with tears in his eyes she didn’t give an inch
Stared into his eyes and didn’t even flinch
He tried to appeal to her softer side
He even got down on his knees and really began to weep
She looked at him not with sympathy but pride
How many times did he make her cry?
With one last final attempt he went straight for her heart
Too late he’d forgotten all the painful scares
Tonight you sleep alone in bed filled with thorns
She gave him one last glance as she walked
Around his humbled figure
Didn’t look back as he howled at her retreating image
Calling her name, she threw her head back and laughed
The sound of her laughter hunted the empty air as the
Door slowly closed behind her