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In The Future


 Is this some kind of joke some kind of hoax?

Times has its way of moving on

Leaving a lot of us behind

Thinking tomorrow or next

I’ll fix any debts

Forgive any sins

Reconcile to the past

Then you look up and tomorrow

Is gone

And you’re saying to yourself

What have I done?

Letting time move on

And you’ve fallen asleep

Thinking you have tomorrow

To depend on

But tomorrow never comes

The future is no more

When its too late to have those

Feelings atoned for and seeking forgiveness

In the future




When do you just let it go and accept what you now know?

When it’s all said and finished don’t let that voice keep telling you

It was all your fault 

When does the anger subside?

When does the hurt end and the healing begin?

When are you able to awaken from a nightmare created?

When do you stop hating decisions made in the light of passion?

When in the dark of desire, it all made sense

When will the rage built up turn to embers and segue to ash?

When will the duplicity be understood?

When will the betrayal no longer matter?

When will life return to what’s normal and all thoughts revert

Back to a positive mind

When will the silent tears stop falling and the sunshine is more welcomed?

When will the guilt be lifted?

When does the end become the beginning?

 When it takes only one to undo what vows were taken

When does a god you pray to hears your please?

And take vengeance

When do you stop asking questions?

You know the answers to

When, when, when…






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