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Dancing With the Devil

  You imagine you are so essential

I am going to set you open

You are evil, vile and

A child of God you are not


First mistake you made

Was putting the name of someone

I love in your mouth traversing a line

Maybe you do not know what it feels like

To lose someone you love

Were you high talking out

The side of your neck

People have died for less

And today their tombstones

Remain unclaimed


Mistake number two you

Should have never mentioned his name

 To begin with

Someone you have never met

You have no respect for those in

Life or death

Did not fathom your words would find

Themselves in my presence

But they did

Call yourself a woman


You want to play as one but

Guess what

Sadly, you are lacking in

What it means to be a real female a mother

Come for me if you like

You are a sad waste of life

How do you raise your child?

The one who is raising herself

Well, I do not want to put

Your mothering skills on display

Oops you do not have any from what I can tell

I can take a lot of shit

You should know this



Mistake number three

You spoke of someone who

Was close to me

Like a son

Someone you never known

Yet you chose to disrespect

Our memories you have shitted on

Who does that?

Did it make you feel like a queen?

When you threw out his name with

The intention to injure

Did it feel good to know you caused pain?

That your aim hit more than one target

You must feel very proud

Sitting there high on your throne looking down

Say shit and disrespect, bitch from above

Come down to earth where it gets real

You are not the one


You have met your match

The dead cannot speak for themselves

Now you are in the dance with the devil