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June by EK Ellis

 Juxtapose to no beginning and to no end

Unified hurt soul deep and beyond

Nursing a broken heart

Every day a reminder you’re not here

Your Name is What?


You have this name no one can pronounce

Ordinary no one can blame your parents 

Unique I wouldn’t call it

Redundant to everyone ears who hears it

Not original, but you think it is

Animal mistakenly answer to it

Many have tried and failed to get the right pronunciation

Even you’re not quite sure how to say it

I think it a joke someone played on you

So don’t get mad if you’re called something else

Were your parents drinking when they came up with it

Heaven help me and them I think they were

At mention of your name people burst out in flames

Time to think about getting another name

Your name is what?



Vast amount of knowledge

Insurmountable wisdom

Seeing the future for what it holds

Intellectual refugee

Offering thanks to a power greater than

Neglect truth never told

Air of dominance not found in soul

Renege on a promise you will not find

Yielding insight into creative thinker





Broken Vessel

 Beaten spiritually

Regrets too many

Odious feeling of self

Kindred spirit to death

Eulogy tells the tale forgotten

Nuance of secrets whispered


Vigilant ghosts circle a raw carcass

Ebullient they dance to death

Sorrowful tears cast shadows

Solemn words echo across the earth

Exultant warriors beat their chests

Lariat catches the last breath

Falling Into Love

 Facets of many colors

Angels do discover

Languages spoken through the ages

Loudly proclaiming

Infrangible declaration

Nexus soul validation

Gift received as given


Intermingle of lives

New beginnings

Ties that bind mind heart soul body

Overcoming any obstacle


Listening to the stillness within

Ostentatious passion will not be hidden

Visions of happily ever after

Exchanging of vows in the end


Isn’t it better to fall into love than falling out, and more notably staying in love?


Transcending poverty
Aggressively defending freedom
Nonexistent entity
Gratuitous inferiority is a label
Inflicted upon
Bowed head to supremacy
Lift my face to the sun
Eradicate the pain that is so