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 Standing still unmoving
Always in one place not growing
Afraid to adventure out into the world
Making excuses has become a bit boring
Life must continue to cultivate new dreams
Wake up till the land plant the seed of wonderment
Water it with tears of laughter
Imagine what tomorrow will be
If you wake up from your stupor
Before tomorrow disappears


Misery seeps in between the

Coldness of my heart

Feeling the sting of bitterness


Sowing loneliness, reaping aching needs

Adrift on the sea of vengeance

Suffering the what ifs

Living with the how comes


Crying out in the distance

My voice echoes back

to deaf ears


Vision distorted by tears

Clarity fogged in somewhere

Between the sound of thunder

And the howling of the wind


Inside a broken vessel

Thrown away to live

A life filled with soft whispers of ghosts

That come to me in

Waken moments of


Is this my heaven?

Or is this my hell

When will the sun glow?

Upon my face


Darkness, my lover

 Protects me, keeps me safe

Wrapped in its arms

Shelters me from the pain