Free Verse

Hour of Horror

Welcome to the monsters
Ghouls rock to their beats
The wolf man howls and screeches
 To the new music on the scene
The mummy raps along
Werewolf and Dracula both out for blood
Competing to see who can spit the most
Dope rhymes
This new duo is fresh meat on the street
With sick, suicidal beats
T’is the season of the fiendish
Feasting on your souls
Beware of the midnight hour
A full moon holds power
The monsters and their crew will be out

Looking for you to devour your core
Stay alert don’t let your guard down
Keep away from the cemetery
Bloody Mary walks the ground preying
On her next victim, weak MC’s beware
Frankenstein and his bride are on the loose
Looking for revenge, the monsters
Spinning their web of ill punch
Don’t call Dr Jekyll cause he’ll bring Mr. Hyde
Dr.  Frankenstein created his beast
And now the puppet has become
The master
So to all you ghouls and gals
Turn up the volume
And drown out the howling
Jam to the hour of horror
Happy Haunting Boooooo……….

June by EK Ellis

 Juxtapose to no beginning and to no end

Unified hurt soul deep and beyond

Nursing a broken heart

Every day a reminder you’re not here

Grim by EK Ellis

 Forbidding love

Obnoxious nature

Unattractive attitude

Aged wisdom

Dire consequences

Nasty approach

Loathing behavior

Gloomy personality

Ugly disposition

Bleak outlook

Love sometimes is grim

One Last Petal

I stand alone

But I am strong

Wind nor rain has not

Washed away my existence


My roots are deep entangled

With the tears of the ones

Who have beheld my beauty


See I’m wisdom and purity

I am love peace and unity

I stand alone and I’m free


 Mesmerizing eyes

Archaic soul deep with -in

Yearning for loves heart

Menace to Poetry


Words volatile soften

Emotions integrating

Heart and soul

Segregating the weak from the strong

Blood sweat tears

Cathartic healing

Driven to poetic madness

Beautiful anger

Dangerous sword to divide

The connotation of meaning

To words

Symbolically spoken

From the soul

A two edge sword

Dividing and cutting words

To shred

Bringing dread and wanting

Fear to those all whom opposed

The warning

Poetry can be hostile and

Gentle in the same breath

A dagger in the heart of words

A lovers whispers to the spirit

A whimper of a soft moan

Of pleasure

Don’t mistaken for

Menace to poetry