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Too Late Love has Packed its Bags

He rocked back in forth trembling hands
Held up close to his face in prayer
Something maybe he should have been
Doing all along, praying for the knowledge on
How to love his woman

Empty closets that her clothes use to adorn
The clashing sound of hangers reverberated in his mind
Where she kept her perfumes and make-up
Cried out to him she was no longer here

Called all her friends
His calls were sent to voicemail
He tried to send her a text
His texts were now blocked
He tried to contact her on her
Social network
He was blocked there too

Tears begin to roll down from his eyes
He had a prize and now she was
Someone else’s queen

Didn’t she know how much he loved her?
Didn’t he tell her every now and then?
He made love to her giving her his everything
Then rolled over and went to sleep
How dare she walk out of his life?
Without even a goodbye

Didn’t he spend lavishly on her?
Showering her with brand new
Pots and pans so she would stop
Complaining about the rusty ones she was using
He acquired new things for himself
In addition, they weren’t pots and pans

Didn’t he remember special dates?
It wasn’t his fault he forgot most of them
This was his way of love

Now she was with someone
Who knows how to treat a woman
Putting her feelings before his
Showering her with the attention
She was deprived of
He helps to build back her self-esteem
And loved her beyond words
All because it was
Too late love has packed its bags
And unpacked them in happiness joy and laughter