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My Heart

My heart sears each time
my thoughts of you
 burn into my consciousness
Becoming aware there’s a part of me missing
Time balances’ itself with desire with growth
In between the seeds of longing are planted and
Fertilized with tears of wanting completeness

Chasing Destiny

Sometimes the decision we make
At the time they are conceived
Make perfect sense
Sadly, we can’t gaze into a crystal ball and see
That decision will haunt you for the rest of
Your life
In my head I've rehearse every probability of scenarios
Of how to say the things that need to be said
Pride is a curse locking out the one who should of
Been holding the key
Now the locks have rusted from tears
The key disappeared an eternity ago
Moreover, I am tired of chasing a dream
When I get close enough to taste humility
It quickly vanishes in the mist
Now I can see my fingertips reaching out to grasp
What was but now is
Slowly, slowly, slowly, I reach out to destiny
To ask for his forgiveness
He looked right through me as if I
Was invisible
I yelled to his retreating figure
He only looked over his shoulder
Sadness aura surrounding his soul

Walking away, away, away…


 Standing still unmoving
Always in one place not growing
Afraid to adventure out into the world
Making excuses has become a bit boring
Life must continue to cultivate new dreams
Wake up till the land plant the seed of wonderment
Water it with tears of laughter
Imagine what tomorrow will be
If you wake up from your stupor
Before tomorrow disappears

Sweeter Tomorrows

As I sleep and dream
Of ardent awakenings
My soul bathes in yearning
Crying out to be fulfilled
Toss and turn to the sweetness
Of quiet whispers tantalizing
My essence
Roll over reaching out to an apparition
Of longing
Silently falling deeper into slumber
Moan of pleasure
Sigh of contentment
Intake of deep breath
Curl into myself
Hugging empty air
As I sleep and dream of
Sweeter tomorrows


I have no more tears to cry
no more fears to stir me
There is no love in me
my love a dry well
Blown away ashes of my hope
floating through the air after
a firestorm
Dreams unreachable, unattainable
entice me only when I sleep
Sorrow entwines its hurtful grip
around my heart
Squeezing, inflicting excruciating pain
I fall to my knees
praying to a power stronger than myself
asking for deliverance from some
unseen thing
Pulling at me drawing me closer
watching from with inside me