Free Verse

Lap Dance

Nervous looking over his shoulder
Didn’t know what he actually thought
He might see
Still he kept looking
 He walked into the club
Didn’t know what to expect
Every night was different
Sat down wondering why
In the world he was there again
A question he asked himself
Every time
The answer always the same
Lights dimmed music began
To play loud and raunchy
Had the walls vibrating
Color lights started to spin
 As the women
Took to the stage
Sweat begin to appear on his forehead
Great drops rolling down the
Sides of his cheeks
Quickly he wiped it away as
Beautiful bodies paraded in front of him
He took in a deep breath
Still in his mind questioning his presence
In this sinful place
All his life he was told to stay away from
Den of iniquity
She stood in front of him gyrating up and down
Threw one leg over his shoulder so
Close he smelled her scent
He leaned back
She moved in closer
Removed her leg from around his head
And sat down in his lap
Nature began to stir
As she did her dance
Provocative, erotic
Secretly he was a masochist seeking
To find his high
Each night he came
Each night he felt the
Same self loathing
She leaned into him more
He forgot all about
What his mother always told him
Throwing his head back he
Let out a wild animal cry
As he let the music and
The women do to him
Things he’d never imagined
And like all the nights before
 The music would come to a stop
And he would come back to his senses
Looking into the woman eyes
He saw the face of his mother
Threw a few dollars at her
And ran
He ran and
He ran
Hearing the devil laughing in
His head
Feeling sick to his stomach
He let go of his dinner
In the back of an alley
Wiped his mouth on the back of his coat
Sleeve and leaned against the
Cold brick wall
All this for a lap dance
He felt dirty
His soul violated
Head down he continued on
To his home
Put the key in the door
It opened in slow motion
What he saw made him


Transcending poverty
Aggressively defending freedom
Nonexistent entity
Gratuitous inferiority is a label
Inflicted upon
Bowed head to supremacy
Lift my face to the sun
Eradicate the pain that is so

Bitter Taste of Honey

Jazz band playing in the back ground
Tears making their round
Her voice carried around the club
As she poured her heart out in song
Everyone sat mesmerized
Ridding each note along with her
Captivated by her beauty

Her soul was raw
Enthralled they sat on edge
Of their seats inhaling the scent
Of her perfume mixed in with smoke
In her tale she sung of a man she
Loved how he became her heaven
And earth
He was her laughter and pain
Still she loved him even more
At night he made love like an angel
But it was the devil she saw in the light
You take the good with the bad
And regrets you drowned in a bottle
Of eyes wide shut
People shouted from their seats
Urging her on
Women relating to her song
Wiped away flow of tears
Men were moved by the
Honesty of her words the truth

She sang in each verse
When the music faded into
The night she quietly bowed
Her head and whispered
“Bitter taste of honey” and
vanished from the stage


Lying on her bed staring up at the mirror above her
Making a provocative picture of a woman hungry to be loved
She ran a hand up her thigh pretending it
To be that of a lover
She moaned deep in her throat as her hand
Reached for that hush-hush spot
She rolled over onto her stomach and cursed
Herself for the loneliness she felt
She didn’t have to be lonely
Plenty of men were willingly
To share her bed
Some were so infatuated offering
Marriage or placated her
With the temptation of being
Their mistress
But she was tired of the game
She wanted something more
With substance
Superficial men were a bore
And boredom kills
Rolling onto her side she curled
Up into a fetal position
Her body was a blaze
How long had it been
Since she’d lain with a man
Throbbing inside wouldn’t let up
As hard as she tried to divert
Her attention else where
It always came back to that
Sexual fire burning
She was at war with herself
Feeling lonely desiring something
Of substance and the need
To be fulfilled
Darkness slowly settled around
The room
She liked the night
The enticing secrets it held
Reaching for the near empty
Bottle of Pinot Noir she poured
The remainder in her wine glass
Slowly sipping the liquor warming
Her insides making her earlier
Mood vanish
What was this foolishness she was feeling?
Reaching for her phone she dialed
A familiar number
On first ring it answered
Purring like a kitten into the receiver
She waited for a response
Smiling she ended the call
In the darkness she waited for
Her lover to come and release her
Sexual pain
Sometimes the need is just too great
And common sense strives after the wind
 Nature has to be answered refusing
To be ignored