Free Verse

Beautiful Liar

Blinded to the truth
Eclipsed behind a disguise
Angelic persona
Utilize to hide
Transform to devil
Ignorant of its evil
Felicity taken away
Umbrage building to a crescendo
Lulling into false security

Loathe an existence
Irrational behavior
Autonomous narcissistic
Reflect deceptive beauty of
          Beautiful Liar

Make Believe

It’s getting harder
 to keep my feelings hidden
Outside I smile, 
inside I’m dying, Pretend

Deaf tears I cry, 
each intake of breath 
I’m wishing
were my last, Pretend

Why is it that I’ve fallen
 and I look for rest to siege
Me in its arms, Pretend

I wear a mask no
 one can penetrate
My eyes are soulless, Pretend

To match a spirit held in an
Arroyo deserted 
and forgotten, Pretend

I hear words spoken 
saying never give in
Yet there said 
in a whisper, Pretend 

Fool to think my 
feelings are put first
A lie I’m told to keep
 me satisfied, Pretend

Stand strong 
stand alone, Pretend
On a ledge I totter, 
the fall forever
To eternity, Pretend