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Superficial Beauty

 Her looks were superficial
All she cared about was the color of her nails
What shoes should she wear?
Did her hair that wasn't hers look good?
She paid for it so it was

The clothes that adorned her
 Body must be by a popular designer
Which she couldn't really afford
Therefore, she thought she was crafty
 Creating designer fake labels and
Sewing them in her - self

She had her eyebrows tattooed on
Now she looked like a clown
Fake eyelashes that look as if she had
Black widows growing from them

Her perfume was so strong
You smelled her before she
Walked into a room

If that’s, what it takes to make her
Feel and look good which is all in her mind
She might want to take all that money
She is spending on superficial looks
And invest it in a good psychiatrist