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Marital Rape


Misogynist ego bares its ugliness

Arrogance in attitude superior

Regard for her he held inferior to him

Insufficient emotions he had none

Taboo it was thought of

Alone she felt no one would believe her tale

Lasciviousness hiding in plain sight


Revulsion at his touch

Anchored to pain

Praying for retribution

Erasing all memories of him


In a dream, you came to me
Reaching out my hand to touch you
The penetration went straight through
A figment of imagination
 But this was a dream and you were real
How then can you leave me empty?
Trouble thoughts awaken me
And I ask myself if I’d done something wrong
You never left me empty and alone
Even in repose
I pray comeback to me one more time
Give me that chance of fulfillment if only

In my dream