Free Verse


Disastrous end of a love affair

Calamity in the wake of the fallout

Catastrophes bemoan the wind

Misfortune to the hearts involved

Heartbreak came at an expensive price

Ruin reputations bought for a night of illicit passion

Adversity fashioned the road to redemption

Mishap or coincidence lover’s duplicity revealed

Rage of uncontrollable obsession led to an

Upheaval of reprisal sorting out the victims

Cataclysmic tempo builds to a crescendo

Damage to lives unfold

Shattered emotions lay bare

Chaos ensued sorting out the fallen reflections

Bedlam erupted two souls entangled with each other

Pandemonium could not be stilled

Anarchy warped the minds of survivors

As they question why anyone did not see

The tragedy before it happened



 If lyfe was easy if lyfe was sweet

If there were no struggle or ugliness on the streets

If beauty in the world outweigh the poverty surround

Dreams of running through fields of lilies

Smelling a sweet red rose 

Lyfe we all wish to behold 

Lyfe is what we make it, shape, embrace it, take it, create it

Lyfe isn't easy and sweetness is rare to be found

We struggle each day with the horror around

Peace, we hear about seen rarely 

Lyfe, I want to bury my head and not

Listen to all the shit how lyfe is only

Meant for the rich

The poor must submit

Never will they get

To have what they wish

All bullshit

If lyfe was easy, if lyfe was sweet

There would be no crying in the streets

Mothers’ tears would not wash away the blood stains

Of her children spilled

The homeless would have a place to 

Lay their heads

The hungry would be fed

And the earth would give back its dead

Lyfe is reality



Early Up

Another day to

Be put to

The test

Alarm sings

It’s time to get up

Roll over and smile

Taking in the beauty

Lying next to me

Inhale the fragrance

Of promises

Wipe away

Last night’s kisses

No time to reflect

Today is calling

And cannot be

Put on hold

There is life

Beyond these walls

Sunshine seeps in

Reminding the world

Does not stop for those

Who procrastinate?

One last glance

At the clock

And now it is time

Start the day

Early up




If You

If you give me wings so that I might fly

If you give me a voice, I will sing with angels

If you give me a future I will dream

If you give me encouragement, I will become many things

If you sing my praises with empty words, I will have the wrong visions

If you knock me down, make it count

If you see into my heart and know it's worth

Then why question if I am virtuous

If you see my tears know that I have empathy

If you spit on my name let, there be a sound reason for it

If I curse you my justification will be pure

If I love, you there will be no beginning or end

Only infinity

If you give me, you I will give you who I am






Man Can Fly

 Wrestling with yourself

 Fighting who you should be

Indecisive on the course of reality

In a dream world you live

Struggling to exist

Nothing is making any sense

In the world you now subsist

In your mind somewhere lost

Trapped in a demented sphere

Crying out for help but

No one hears

Listening to voices that

 Are not there

Only in your mind do you hear

Whispers’ telling you lies

That man can fly

Going through a transformation

On a spiritual journey

Opening your mind to

Unknown entities as your

 Mentality is rocked with

 More confusion

Disillusioned to what is real

And you are asking yourself

Will I ever heal?

In the abyss you call home

Praying for the norm to

Return to your life

The whispers continue

To overpower your thinking

Voices becoming louder

Mingling with tears

You cry from frustration and pain

Relief will not come

As they tell you

Man can fly come join us








She no longer fought the memories of
the good and bad times
Beat herself up because some of the reminiscences
 had her longing for his touch
No, she’s never forgotten the pain he caused
or the tears she cried
It was futile for her to sit there and try to deny,
they did have some good times
Selfishness was the weapon in his war; hers was
strength he didn’t know she possessed
Haunted thoughts of him drifted into her sub consciousness
 only to come alive in her dreams
When she closed her eyes to sleep
Running away from facing feelings unresolved,
only made her realize she needed to exorcise those demons
So, she could move on with her life
To say she held hate in her heart
would only give him power,
to say she had loved him once upon a time might be truth
But its forgiveness that she had to find in her
to get back what was lost when she turned her power over to him
And he abused it so cruelly
Had to learn to love life again
Even when the darkest days threaten to engulf her 
Age and maturity watered with the tears of growth
Learning who she was and what she stood for
Imagining good can come from bad
Not letting the past recur in her future
Giving it all to God for without Him she wouldn’t be healing

Being Played

 Today I love you

In one breath

Tomorrow, I despise you

Give you sex when you want it

Withhold it you don’t own it

Rent it out to you

For the moment

Give me money when I ask you

When you ask me

I don’t have it, I’m broke




Turn on the charm

To disarm you

Then withdraw

When you displease me

Hot and cold

When I need to be

You can be the man

When I let you

But we all know

Who wears the pants?

Don’t we

Don’t we

Don’t we

You’re weak

I let you think

You are Hercules




Take your money

Call you honey, baby

Make it seem everything

Is peaches and cream

So, you won’t discover

My true colors

Give you children

To tighten the noose

Around your heart




Now I’ve got you

You’re all mine

Long as you don’t

Recognize my deceitful side

Deceitful side

Deceitful side

Deceitful side

 Play this game forever

Because you will never

Leave me

Leave me

Leave me

Your third eye is closed

And I have bolted the door

And swallowed the key



Falling Into Love

 Facets of many colors

Angels do discover

Languages spoken through the ages

Loudly proclaiming

Infrangible declaration

Nexus soul validation

Gift received as given


Intermingle of lives

New beginnings

Ties that bind mind heart soul body

Overcoming any obstacle


Listening to the stillness within

Ostentatious passion will not be hidden

Visions of happily ever after

Exchanging of vows in the end


Isn’t it better to fall into love than falling out, and more notably staying in love?

Falling Out of Love

Faithfully forever

Affinity connection

Lariat placed around soul

Labyrinth of emotions

Impel heart that is dying

Narrative vague subliminal

Grotesques images infiltrated


Odyssey together never taken

Unfulfilled dreams deserted

Thievery of years wasted


Ossuary holds what remains of desires

Fidelity turns to fallacy belief


Languish passions dwindle to resentment

Overt gestures scream abandonment

Virulence acrimony in the end

 Evanescent to falling out of love


Smoothness of your skin invites temptation
Your lips speak eroticism
The smell of your perfume ignites the flame
In your smile reveals hidden secrets

Hands express a hunger to explore
Deep treasures
Flowing locks of sensuality
Only rival inner exquisiteness

Sway of hips to a silent tempo
Dancing legs from the heavens
To grace the earth
Vivacious, inhale exhale
Your beauty excels

Watching you is putting me through hell
Come to me in this moment of need

Release the frustration of you so near
Pounding of heart deafens the agony
Wanting for this to be over

This is more than a mere observation
I’m an addict you’ve become a drug
So give me my fix and let me fly

Like the birds that grace the universe
Oh now you know that’s the way
I like it here let me do the honors

Slowly seductively, weaving a spell
Take you into my arms peel away
The layers of defense strip you naked

Lay you down observing every inch of your soul
Last chance to behold sanity
One taste of you and there’s no
More reality diving deeper and deeper
Into observation 

The Ocean


Immense body of water

Endless in all directions

Echoes thoughts

Of wonderment

Casting its hypnotic spell

Drifting on the ocean’s waves

Careless days

And youthfulness

Designing sandcastles in the sand

Watching the seagulls as they land

In the distance can be heard

The laughter of children

Chasing after sand crabs

Sitting, meditating, on the meaning

Of life

In vast view of the ocean

God Can You Hear Me


I'm tired I need peace of mind

My soul is weary, and my spirit broken

My knees are raw from all the kneeling

I've lost my voice from all the crying

God, can you hear me I'm afraid of the unknown

Today I hunger for spiritual food

I can't picture tomorrow being all sunshine

Yesterday I lived in sorrow

I'm broken and I don't know how

To be fixed

God, can you hear me

Please tell me what I should do

The road is lonely, and I'm confused

I keep running in the wrong direction

And the voices that keep

On telling me to be strong

I ignore

I have no home

And my children I morn for

My heart is empty except

For the despair that's taken up

Dwelling in its core

God, can you hear me

My steps are slow and uneven

I'm the walking dead

I've given everything that I am

Only to receive ashes in return

Drowning in the bottom

Of a bottle hoping to find answers

Drinking my problems away

Just for a moment

God, can you hear me

I don't think I can with stand

Much more

I don't think I can continue

In this pain

Life was never meant

To be this hard

This complicated

God, can you hear me

Can you hear


Can you hear

Me now…