Free Verse


To many hearts broken

Every day a son lost

As my hope weakens

Retribution? at what cost

Sins of a father

Tear a family apart

Each wishing for a new tomorrow

Against the odds

Rising from ashes the Phoenix

Salvation is here no more


My thoughts
my pain
My feeling
my joy
My revelation
my retribution
My sorrow
my tears
My expression
my fears
My love
my heart
My soul
my spirit
My love
my disappointment
My salvation
my grave

Life's a Bitch

Life’s a bit**
gets its kicks off
your problems
delivering a ransom to
priceless for payment
Destroying any self respect
you fought so hard to get
in the end all you
have is the life
you’re left with


I have no more tears to cry
no more fears to stir me
There is no love in me
my love a dry well
Blown away ashes of my hope
floating through the air after
a firestorm
Dreams unreachable, unattainable
entice me only when I sleep
Sorrow entwines its hurtful grip
around my heart
Squeezing, inflicting excruciating pain
I fall to my knees
praying to a power stronger than myself
asking for deliverance from some
unseen thing
Pulling at me drawing me closer
watching from with inside me

She Whispers

She Whispers

Promise Me

Promise Me