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In the Doghouse

You call him to come, and he acts as if he’s deaf

Or doesn’t understand the command

Give him the task of fetching your slippers

Bring you the morning newspaper

Simple things to do…

Suddenly he’s stuck with the mentality of being two

Pat him on the head for the good deeds he performs

Swat him on the ass when he goes and pees in a corner

Rub his nose in his wrong doings

Scold him tell him he has been a bad boy

Sometimes you want to throw your hands up in frustration

Send him off to obedient school

Maybe they will be able to teach him

What you’ve been trying to

Your orders don’t

Seem to register in his brain

When he’s happy he’ll lick your face

Rub up against you showing you his affection

Then run off and get with another bitch

Goes to show he has no discrimination in his soul

 He’ll hump anything that has four legs and a tail

Here you are back to square one

What to do when a dog doesn’t listen

Pack up his doggy bone

Change the locks on his doghouse

Go out and find a dog that will obey

Your every wish and not give a

Second, look at that other bitch