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Falling Out of Love

Faithfully forever

Affinity connection

Lariat placed around soul

Labyrinth of emotions

Impel heart that is dying

Narrative vague subliminal

Grotesques images infiltrated


Odyssey together never taken

Unfulfilled dreams deserted

Thievery of years wasted


Ossuary holds what remains of desires

Fidelity turns to fallacy belief


Languish passions dwindle to resentment

Overt gestures scream abandonment

Virulence acrimony in the end

 Evanescent to falling out of love

My Heart

My heart sears each time
my thoughts of you
 burn into my consciousness
Becoming aware there’s a part of me missing
Time balances’ itself with desire with growth
In between the seeds of longing are planted and
Fertilized with tears of wanting completeness

Chasing Destiny

Sometimes the decision we make
At the time they are conceived
Make perfect sense
Sadly, we can’t gaze into a crystal ball and see
That decision will haunt you for the rest of
Your life
In my head I've rehearse every probability of scenarios
Of how to say the things that need to be said
Pride is a curse locking out the one who should of
Been holding the key
Now the locks have rusted from tears
The key disappeared an eternity ago
Moreover, I am tired of chasing a dream
When I get close enough to taste humility
It quickly vanishes in the mist
Now I can see my fingertips reaching out to grasp
What was but now is
Slowly, slowly, slowly, I reach out to destiny
To ask for his forgiveness
He looked right through me as if I
Was invisible
I yelled to his retreating figure
He only looked over his shoulder
Sadness aura surrounding his soul

Walking away, away, away…

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I am not preaching or ranting but there has been so much going on lately around the world it amazes me why would anyone want to keep trying to survive all the mayhem and destruction, the injustice is God listening?  

The cries and moans of his women losing their children, men, father’s cradle empty arms.  Are we so lost we cannot see the beautiful rainbow in between the hate and disillusion?  

Does he see our innocence being lost on the cold streets of the concrete jungle? 

This cannot be all there is to life…

Faith, love, hope, peace, unity, justice, have just become words lost in alterations

I bow my head in submissiveness wondering what is next, what is next, what is next….


Poignant Heart

Passion crescendos agreeably
In an attempt to reawaken love
Caressing the wisdom of a lost heart
Undertones melodically capture
The quiet of night
A familiar tone resonates
Across empty space
Lyrics explosive raw emotions erupt
In need to contact melodiously
With a clandestine soul
Vibratos cry out reaching anticlimax
Realization settles in
Music of heart and soul crisscross never meshing
Leaving rancorous mellifluous sounds
To seal up a symphony of orchestrated