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If You

If you give me wings so that I might fly

If you give me a voice, I will sing with angels

If you give me a future I will dream

If you give me encouragement, I will become many things

If you sing my praises with empty words, I will have the wrong visions

If you knock me down, make it count

If you see into my heart and know it's worth

Then why question if I am virtuous

If you see my tears know that I have empathy

If you spit on my name let, there be a sound reason for it

If I curse you my justification will be pure

If I love, you there will be no beginning or end

Only infinity

If you give me, you I will give you who I am








Wasted years and wasted tears

A lifetime of love and no vows

The promises forfeited

All verbal and no action

Lazing the day, a way

Blowing smoke through violent lips

Sitting staring at the same spot on the wall

Wishing you can take just one more hit

Master to all master to none

Criticize that’s your only input

Can’t lift me up you can lift that blunt

Nagging and bitching is your verse

Not once did I speak an unkind word to your face

You never investigated my soul and see the hurt

Time wasted…




Love is the beginning and the end
Peace is accomplished with acceptance of knowing our true heart
Unity happens when we embrace one another for 
our uniqueness


Togetherness forms a union
Refused to be broken
United in bond of hope
Souls breathing for intimacy
Tangled in the web of belief