Free Verse


Listen to what I have to say

It might save you one day

If you become entangled In a

Toxic relationship take heed 

There's a way of avoiding the

Unnecessary pain and anguish 

Psychological, physical, verbal

Seeing red flags is a clue

Paying attention to that little 

Voice crying out to you

In the beginning its all

Sunshine and rainbows

Later it takes the forms 0f dark ominous 

Clouds and the rainbow hides

Behind blacken eyes and

Swollen lips

Listen to those whom have your

Best interest at heart

We don't see the fire and smell

The smoke 

We don't discern the danger in 

It's midst even when flesh is falling

At our feet

But they can see what we don't 

Standing on the cusp peering 

Into treacherous waters

Trying to navigate you to

Safer land

Don't slap the hand that's trying to

Lead you undamaged and free you

From the slavery you become

A custom to

Wake up if you are a sleep

Tomorrow is not promised 

But you can speed up the

Injurious nature of sin with each

Abusive word, deed or action

Not listening to the wisdom of others

So listen to what I say and don't 

Ignore that little Voice that whispers 



 She once thought their love was seraphic  

A taste of euphoria swept over her 

When thoughts of him crossed her mind 

How she loved the smell of him 

Even his sweat was liquid gold 

Pouring from his pores 

To hear his voice resonated comparable to 

 A Nightingale 

Singing in tune to his every step 

When he would look upon her 

His gaze resting on that special part of her 

She feared she’d never drink in enough 

Of him 

Her prince her king her nightmare 

She gave of herself unselfishly 

Putting his desires above her own 

What a fool she was to give so much and 

To receive so little 

Her prince her king her nightmare 

And when his words turned to evil enunciations  

More destructive than physical blows 

Leaving no visible scars 

But a broken heart and trampled upon 


She began to question her worth  

Her prince her king her nightmare 

Anger began to creep into her crevices' 

Whereas love once roomed  

Love turned slowly into hate eating away at her 

Entrails consuming, destroying the person 

She once was 

Her prince her king her nightmare