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Listen to what I have to say

It might save you one day

If you become entangled In a

Toxic relationship take heed 

There's a way of avoiding the

Unnecessary pain and anguish 

Psychological, physical, verbal

Seeing red flags is a clue

Paying attention to that little 

Voice crying out to you

In the beginning its all

Sunshine and rainbows

Later it takes the forms 0f dark ominous 

Clouds and the rainbow hides

Behind blacken eyes and

Swollen lips

Listen to those whom have your

Best interest at heart

We don't see the fire and smell

The smoke 

We don't discern the danger in 

It's midst even when flesh is falling

At our feet

But they can see what we don't 

Standing on the cusp peering 

Into treacherous waters

Trying to navigate you to

Safer land

Don't slap the hand that's trying to

Lead you undamaged and free you

From the slavery you become

A custom to

Wake up if you are a sleep

Tomorrow is not promised 

But you can speed up the

Injurious nature of sin with each

Abusive word, deed or action

Not listening to the wisdom of others

So listen to what I say and don't 

Ignore that little Voice that whispers 


Don't Let the Sun Go Down

What's happened to the love
 That use to keep us in an inferno at night
A cold bed we now share has taken it's place
 Sheets that use to to be heated and on fire
Soaked in sweat from lovin' 
Now we've let the coldness of
Sorrow  take it's place
Regrets now lie in bed with us 
Love missing laying in between us
Shadows of what we once were sleep
Along side of us
Now the sun has set
And we try with valiant effort to resurrect
Love that has become rusted from tears we
Both have cried 
It's too late and the sun has gone down...


Little girl walked alongside her mother
Viewing people of all color
Walking a little ways further her mother
Stopped and took a detour
Down a dirty alley trash and filth
Littered their path
People lay out under worn covers
Some sat under dilapidated boxes
All wore the same expression

Hopeless and forlorn
Spirits broken
If tomorrow came, they didn’t much care
Lost all their hopes and dreams
Some to drugs and alcohol
Maybe to situations beyond
Their control so many stories
Written on their faces

In their eyes beheld their souls
Deep exploration told the tale
Of the fight for continued existence
In the concrete jungle

Little girl held on tighter to her
Mother’s hand frightened by
What she witnessed
Even young she understood pain
Knew sorrow came and buried
Its ache deep into your heart
Eyes wide with fear she gazed up

At her mother
There was something purposeful in her
She walked faster and faster nearly
Running from some unseen demon
Realizing she was dragging the child
Like a rag doll, she slowed her pace
Apologetic smile traced her face
Coming to the end of the alley daylight

Making its presence known
A breath of fresh air
Rushed into the lungs of the little one
Stepping out into a new world she only
Had one question for her mother