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I suffer your pain as it wraps its
Tentacles around your heart
Strangling life from your soul
In this abyss you have fallen
Where you find no peace
Sorrow has become your
Shadows and comfort
Has no spirit
A place I have known so well
And at times the darkness
So severe light couldn’t find
Its way in
I share your despair the feeling
Of fighting this battle on your own
How many times did I too wage this
In my footsteps you’re walking in
Nevertheless, notice there is only one
Set of prints
Pain has its way of stealing hope
Hope has a way of stealing back life
You’ll see the dawn begin to break
Darkness slowly dissipates
Pain vanish as fog rolls back out
To sea
Life is after all beautiful
Unique and you are to
Keep believing in happy ever
After pain is no more

The Ocean


Immense body of water

Endless in all directions

Echoes thoughts

Of wonderment

Casting its hypnotic spell

Drifting on the ocean’s waves

Careless days

And youthfulness

Designing sandcastles in the sand

Watching the seagulls as they land

In the distance can be heard

The laughter of children

Chasing after sand crabs

Sitting, meditating, on the meaning

Of life

In vast view of the ocean

God Can You Hear Me


I'm tired I need peace of mind

My soul is weary, and my spirit broken

My knees are raw from all the kneeling

I've lost my voice from all the crying

God, can you hear me I'm afraid of the unknown

Today I hunger for spiritual food

I can't picture tomorrow being all sunshine

Yesterday I lived in sorrow

I'm broken and I don't know how

To be fixed

God, can you hear me

Please tell me what I should do

The road is lonely, and I'm confused

I keep running in the wrong direction

And the voices that keep

On telling me to be strong

I ignore

I have no home

And my children I morn for

My heart is empty except

For the despair that's taken up

Dwelling in its core

God, can you hear me

My steps are slow and uneven

I'm the walking dead

I've given everything that I am

Only to receive ashes in return

Drowning in the bottom

Of a bottle hoping to find answers

Drinking my problems away

Just for a moment

God, can you hear me

I don't think I can with stand

Much more

I don't think I can continue

In this pain

Life was never meant

To be this hard

This complicated

God, can you hear me

Can you hear


Can you hear

Me now…




Love is the beginning and the end
Peace is accomplished with acceptance of knowing our true heart
Unity happens when we embrace one another for 
our uniqueness

Junes Tears

Little drops from heaven
Each one a remembrance
Of a day the light in my life suddenly vanished
And here I sit now reflecting on a time
I felt would never heal a time when my tears
Were my bed and the questions in my head
Kept asking why my light had to go away
Barely a beginning didn’t have the chance
To grasp the meaning of tomorrow when he was
Fighting for today
The tears fall with each remembrance
A heart breaks with each reflection
My pain so ingrained in my being I didn’t
Believe I’d ever breathe again
Still I existed to be the fortress for visitors
Who saw what they wanted a soul strong and unbending
But inside part of me was lost and in the shadows my
Tears were my ghosts as my pain never let me forget
June tears would always be commemoration of the day
My light was no more

Heaven Sings

She closes her eyes listen to the wind
The song it sings only her heart
Can interpret
Each note is a reflection
Melodious interlude to peace
Quiet reminiscing settles a
Restless soul
Sweet air brushes against
Falling tears mingle with
The whisper of love passing by
She opens herself up
Breathing in a new tempo
Rhythm changes stanza
Inhaling the fragrance of new beginnings
Silently letting yesterday fade away
Heavens breath reaches inside a
Crumbling heart
Breathing in a new song
Giving life to hope
In her heaven sings
Heaven sings
Heaven sings…