Free Verse

Slap Heard Around the World


Is it me or has the world tilted?

Another drama for the richer

While the homeless sleep unsheltered

Innocent children go unnurtured

Sick and the dying loosing battles

Countries fighting for survival

Everyone weighing in on trivial matters

What about the world that’s in tatters?

Are we just drifting and not caring about what shatters?

Is there going to be a tomorrow after

For our future generations that follows

Its madness how our views are so easily shifted

A man stands up to defend the honor of his queen

So quickly is he seen as the villain

Now the world is held captivated

While I’m hoping we’ll wake up

Put the focus on where it belongs and it’s not

The slap heard around the world




He strolls in

Big, resilient, and tall

Hair slayed looking trendy

cigarillo dangling

Between dazzling teeth

A diamond stud in one front tooth

That cost a fortune

The rest of his grill set in gold

With the smell of money

Scanning the area

He Sat down

Orders a drink throwing

It back

Spotted his prey

As she commands the room

Long and strong

slippery with sweat of desperation

Her legs caressing its coldness

Liquefied flesh molding

Body contouring with every emotion

Making money on her mind as her

Body turns into every man’s desire

setting him on fire

Flames leaping from his eyes

Entrance he can’t move

Wishing he is deep inside

Watching as her hands’ slides

Resting on her inner thighs

Immobile as she licks her red lips

Eyes painted no signs of ageing

Skin glistening glowing

Hair is flowing dancing

Around her head making a halo

As she throws it back

Her long neck agile

With every motion

Nothing conceals in what she’s wearing

Breast big and heavy

heaving with

Every intake of breathing

Inhale exhale

Eye’s meeting

luring him in

hers Deep big golden brown

his are the color of night

that has its own tale

All innocence gone

Staring into his soul

Knowing with each whirl

around and around

She has him just where she wants him

He’s throwing money

Make it rain baby she’s cooing

Lips parted

Eyes starring

She knows he’s hers

Now for the finally

Now for the finally

Now for the finally








Wasted years and wasted tears

A lifetime of love and no vows

The promises forfeited

All verbal and no action

Lazing the day, a way

Blowing smoke through violent lips

Sitting staring at the same spot on the wall

Wishing you can take just one more hit

Master to all master to none

Criticize that’s your only input

Can’t lift me up you can lift that blunt

Nagging and bitching is your verse

Not once did I speak an unkind word to your face

You never investigated my soul and see the hurt

Time wasted…