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 If lyfe was easy if lyfe was sweet

If there were no struggle or ugliness on the streets

If beauty in the world outweigh the poverty surround

Dreams of running through fields of lilies

Smelling a sweet red rose 

Lyfe we all wish to behold 

Lyfe is what we make it, shape, embrace it, take it, create it

Lyfe isn't easy and sweetness is rare to be found

We struggle each day with the horror around

Peace, we hear about seen rarely 

Lyfe, I want to bury my head and not

Listen to all the shit how lyfe is only

Meant for the rich

The poor must submit

Never will they get

To have what they wish

All bullshit

If lyfe was easy, if lyfe was sweet

There would be no crying in the streets

Mothers’ tears would not wash away the blood stains

Of her children spilled

The homeless would have a place to 

Lay their heads

The hungry would be fed

And the earth would give back its dead

Lyfe is reality




When do you just let it go and accept what you now know?

When it’s all said and finished don’t let that voice keep telling you

It was all your fault 

When does the anger subside?

When does the hurt end and the healing begin?

When are you able to awaken from a nightmare created?

When do you stop hating decisions made in the light of passion?

When in the dark of desire, it all made sense

When will the rage built up turn to embers and segue to ash?

When will the duplicity be understood?

When will the betrayal no longer matter?

When will life return to what’s normal and all thoughts revert

Back to a positive mind

When will the silent tears stop falling and the sunshine is more welcomed?

When will the guilt be lifted?

When does the end become the beginning?

 When it takes only one to undo what vows were taken

When does a god you pray to hears your please?

And take vengeance

When do you stop asking questions?

You know the answers to

When, when, when…