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June 11th

 Be strong,  

On the outside maybe that’s  

How I’m perceived to be 

Because the tears I keep for me 

All smiles and reassurance  

Inside I'm dying a little at a time 

Don't let the world see your pain 

Hear the sorrow in your voice 

Well-hidden is truth 

Only I know it's origin 



Junes Tears

Little drops from heaven
Each one a remembrance
Of a day the light in my life suddenly vanished
And here I sit now reflecting on a time
I felt would never heal a time when my tears
Were my bed and the questions in my head
Kept asking why my light had to go away
Barely a beginning didn’t have the chance
To grasp the meaning of tomorrow when he was
Fighting for today
The tears fall with each remembrance
A heart breaks with each reflection
My pain so ingrained in my being I didn’t
Believe I’d ever breathe again
Still I existed to be the fortress for visitors
Who saw what they wanted a soul strong and unbending
But inside part of me was lost and in the shadows my
Tears were my ghosts as my pain never let me forget
June tears would always be commemoration of the day
My light was no more