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Grim by EK Ellis

 Forbidding love

Obnoxious nature

Unattractive attitude

Aged wisdom

Dire consequences

Nasty approach

Loathing behavior

Gloomy personality

Ugly disposition

Bleak outlook

Love sometimes is grim

Menace to Poetry


Words volatile soften

Emotions integrating

Heart and soul

Segregating the weak from the strong

Blood sweat tears

Cathartic healing

Driven to poetic madness

Beautiful anger

Dangerous sword to divide

The connotation of meaning

To words

Symbolically spoken

From the soul

A two edge sword

Dividing and cutting words

To shred

Bringing dread and wanting

Fear to those all whom opposed

The warning

Poetry can be hostile and

Gentle in the same breath

A dagger in the heart of words

A lovers whispers to the spirit

A whimper of a soft moan

Of pleasure

Don’t mistaken for

Menace to poetry







Visual Sense

Echoes of passion

Enthralled in desire

Smoldering embers

Burst into flames

With every emotion of motion

Eyes closed moans

And whispers of love

 Spent you open your eyes

Only to see someone else

In your vision…

Replaced by the image in your head






Disastrous end of a love affair

Calamity in the wake of the fallout

Catastrophes bemoan the wind

Misfortune to the hearts involved

Heartbreak came at an expensive price

Ruin reputations bought for a night of illicit passion

Adversity fashioned the road to redemption

Mishap or coincidence lover’s duplicity revealed

Rage of uncontrollable obsession led to an

Upheaval of reprisal sorting out the victims

Cataclysmic tempo builds to a crescendo

Damage to lives unfold

Shattered emotions lay bare

Chaos ensued sorting out the fallen reflections

Bedlam erupted two souls entangled with each other

Pandemonium could not be stilled

Anarchy warped the minds of survivors

As they question why anyone did not see

The tragedy before it happened



Misery seeps in between the

Coldness of my heart

Feeling the sting of bitterness


Sowing loneliness, reaping aching needs

Adrift on the sea of vengeance

Suffering the what ifs

Living with the how comes


Crying out in the distance

My voice echoes back

to deaf ears


Vision distorted by tears

Clarity fogged in somewhere

Between the sound of thunder

And the howling of the wind


Inside a broken vessel

Thrown away to live

A life filled with soft whispers of ghosts

That come to me in

Waken moments of


Is this my heaven?

Or is this my hell

When will the sun glow?

Upon my face


Darkness, my lover

 Protects me, keeps me safe

Wrapped in its arms

Shelters me from the pain




A rose striving to bloom
In a garden
Full of thorns and thistles
Chocking off its life
It hangs it head
While watching each of its petals fall
The sun can no longer break through
The gray mist that hovers above
The air is pungent from the carcasses
That lay near
A rose of beauty so delicate
Smells of sweetness
It's all in vain
No one will ever see its loveliness
Breathe in its fragrance
No one will behold its grace
No one will miss it; it's just another
Flower gone
Swallowed up in a bed of evil
To weak to fight for the right to belong
It hangs its head in defeat
As the last petal falls