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Man Can Fly

 Wrestling with yourself

 Fighting who you should be

Indecisive on the course of reality

In a dream world you live

Struggling to exist

Nothing is making any sense

In the world you now subsist

In your mind somewhere lost

Trapped in a demented sphere

Crying out for help but

No one hears

Listening to voices that

 Are not there

Only in your mind do you hear

Whispers’ telling you lies

That man can fly

Going through a transformation

On a spiritual journey

Opening your mind to

Unknown entities as your

 Mentality is rocked with

 More confusion

Disillusioned to what is real

And you are asking yourself

Will I ever heal?

In the abyss you call home

Praying for the norm to

Return to your life

The whispers continue

To overpower your thinking

Voices becoming louder

Mingling with tears

You cry from frustration and pain

Relief will not come

As they tell you

Man can fly come join us







God Can You Hear Me


I'm tired I need peace of mind

My soul is weary, and my spirit broken

My knees are raw from all the kneeling

I've lost my voice from all the crying

God, can you hear me I'm afraid of the unknown

Today I hunger for spiritual food

I can't picture tomorrow being all sunshine

Yesterday I lived in sorrow

I'm broken and I don't know how

To be fixed

God, can you hear me

Please tell me what I should do

The road is lonely, and I'm confused

I keep running in the wrong direction

And the voices that keep

On telling me to be strong

I ignore

I have no home

And my children I morn for

My heart is empty except

For the despair that's taken up

Dwelling in its core

God, can you hear me

My steps are slow and uneven

I'm the walking dead

I've given everything that I am

Only to receive ashes in return

Drowning in the bottom

Of a bottle hoping to find answers

Drinking my problems away

Just for a moment

God, can you hear me

I don't think I can with stand

Much more

I don't think I can continue

In this pain

Life was never meant

To be this hard

This complicated

God, can you hear me

Can you hear


Can you hear

Me now…




I build you up

Only to break you down

Give you hope

Then stomp on it

Into the ground

Make you think

The world is square

When it's round

Question if what

I'm telling you

Is profound

Are you crazy?

Or just being Gaslight

I can convince you

I'm right

When I'm wrong

Have you hearing


It's only a song

In your mind

Seeing things that

Aren't really there

Are you sane?

Or has insanity crept in

This is only partial

To what comes next

Psychological warfare

Emotional blackmail

Mental manipulation

Will seal the deal

And you'll never

Even imagine

What's real or

A fantasy

When I'm through

With gaslighting