Free Verse


No tears fall from eyes
No sad reflection of what could have been
Memories dashed to stone
Old songs don’t evoke passion
Life has a new clarity didn’t see before
Hidden behind closed metaphors
Strength from within replaced weakness
Sins washed away being born again
Hate waste of energy replaced with positivity
Tomorrow ushers in new beginnings
Yesterday vanished in the rain
Future I can say adios to pain
Adios to emotional hell
Adios to spirit weary and trodden under
Adios to the prison cell
Created by a demented warden  
Adios, adios, adios, adios

The Other Woman

She knocked at the door standing there big as life
Looked into the eyes of her competition
Smiled sweetly knowing the sins she committed
Would soon be answered
Hands on her ample hips
Her lips dripping with revulsion
Singing a song of the love for this man
Tears begin to run rivers down her face
Pleading for his release
Begging so earnestly
Passionate speech came forth out of desperation
Her love for him was her poison
Held prisoner she kept him safely tucked
Away in her heart
She continued to implore, “Let him go he’s not yours
Staring back into her eyes only emotion
To surface was sorrow
“Look lady you’re the fifth one today to stop by
Apparently he’s not yours either”
With that the door was slammed in her face
A few minutes later came another knock
Different woman same scenario


 I wish I could disappear 
 Erase all memories of myself 
Become an apparition 
 To hunt those who’ve 
Brought me pain 
Escape from troubles that brew
 In discontent my heart bleeds
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Caress the Night Farewell

Caress the night farewell
As we breathlessly
Await morning’s tear drops
Kissing the equable earth
Suns nimble rays dances across
Azure sky
On the horizon nature’s beauty
Breathes in contentment to thy soul
A painted portrait created by God’s
Own hands renders a picture of


Secretes have their way of revealing truth
Under prying eyes
Bedroom tell lies
The heart like the mind  
Evil undresses
Ruse delivers pain imposed upon it
Forgotten feelings
Undetected the
Guise is buried beneath
Eternity of hate

Your Scent

Your scent invades my essence
Tantalizing, teasing, caressing
Evoking passionate fantasies
Diving into the deep scent of you
Ecstasy inhaling desire pools
Your scent trickles
Seeping from your core
Liquid delight… anticipation
Has my heart pumping faster
Knowing soon we’ll be matching
Beat for beat
Thrust for thrust
Lust for lust
Love for love
Arousal increasing your aroma
Mating call sings
Exhales inhale breathe in some more
Of you…