Free Verse

Beauty She Is

Beneath her surface no one bothered to explore

External exquisiteness catches eyes
Antagonism never touched her soul 
Understanding gave her gracefulness
Truth was her strength 

Years of hard work with no rewards

She still held her head high
Her greatest gift were her children
Even when they’d stumble and fall 

In her was the heart of warrior
Soul of an angel she will forever be

Beauty She Is…


 Love once so pure 
Untainted by the world 
Lived to breathe truth and honesty 
Unblemished untouched by negativity 
In prisoned in its own environment 
Protected secure impenetrable 
To evil forces 
Slowly love begin to wonder away 
From its purity 
Exploring new dimensions 
Inviting in outside forces


It unites us, it gratifies us
reaching down the depths of our soul
it lifts us, it touches us
resonating heart and mind

Melodious harmonizing vibrations
Unified uplifting someone's soul
Sensuous sensuality strums a heart
Internal rhythm heals a cold spirit
Comforting emotions bridging the gap of humanity