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We are drifters passing through life
With no roots to hold us down grounded to mother earth
In spirit we live knowing you can kill the body not the soul
Voyages sometimes lead us in directions we do not understand
Comprehension comes into clarity once we open our hearts
Stop living from the mind
Where ambiguous emotions confuse and
From conscious sentiments where truth is
Sometimes obscured in hollow laughter
And silent tears
There is no anchor tied to our life
Without that, we drift…

All About the Ring

Beauty that shines like the stars in heaven

Sensual comfort fit

Wrapped neatly around your finger

How many diamonds does it have?

Is the clarity bad?

Does it outshine the moon?

Can it be seen across the vast seas?

Will it bring you contentment?

The larger the more happiness promised

Is your love measured by how massive the stone is?

Is your heart so shallow that the only thing

Conceived is the price tag hanging from it

What happens if it’s lost or stolen?

Will your love suddenly fade away?

How much more do you treasure

The superficial piece of happily ever after

What if there was no ring presented to you

Would your love suddenly get amnesia

Is it more important than the heart that’s

Offering you a spiritual connection

In the end it’s been all about the ring

Not what it should stand for


Horrible images running
 through my head

Gun shots sounding off
in the distance

I see a blood moon setting
 Awaiting a sunrise
that will never come

Tears fill the land
Cries ring forth
The wailing so
Horrid, I close my ears
To the sound

Putrid flesh I smell
Hangs in the night air
Moaning and weeping
Shrill voices sing out
To a God gone and forgotten

Blood flows like a river
Souls carried away
In the torrent

Lifeless, ghost of youth
Pass away
Horrid images running through
My head

Save them, save them
The walking dead

Too many images castrate
Them from my mind

I see the spirits of the
Lost and forgotten
Gehenna is their home

Images to bare, my hell
So alone
So alone