Free Verse


Inhale blow it out slowly
Letting the aroma of hunger
Feed your soul
There is an old saying 
Where there is smoke there’s a fire
But this fire lays hidden in the abyss Of desire
Who can put out the flame…


We cry freedom, what does that mean
This freedom we take for granted
Here today, can be taken away
So easily, so freely, freedom is
Misused, abused, freedom is gone
You're free, she’s free, he is free, are we really
When someone holds your freedom in their hands
To crush you, place you in a cage
Gone is freedom
Freedom to explore, freedom to breath
Freedom to live, freedom! freedom!
Where is my freedom
It’s been taken away
In a gilded cage I live
My wings clipped, my voice silenced
My only freedom
It can't be touched
It's mine, with it my freedom exist
Stop it! go ahead and try
You can't stop me from thinking
My dreams won't be denied
My heart, you have no control over
You can't rule my thoughts, quiet my spirit
You can take away my freedom, freedom we cry
Cry for freedom, my freedom