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She no longer fought the memories of
the good and bad times
Beat herself up because some of the reminiscences
 had her longing for his touch
No, she’s never forgotten the pain he caused
or the tears she cried
It was futile for her to sit there and try to deny,
they did have some good times
Selfishness was the weapon in his war; hers was
strength he didn’t know she possessed
Haunted thoughts of him drifted into her sub consciousness
 only to come alive in her dreams
When she closed her eyes to sleep
Running away from facing feelings unresolved,
only made her realize she needed to exorcise those demons
So, she could move on with her life
To say she held hate in her heart
would only give him power,
to say she had loved him once upon a time might be truth
But its forgiveness that she had to find in her
to get back what was lost when she turned her power over to him
And he abused it so cruelly
Had to learn to love life again
Even when the darkest days threaten to engulf her 
Age and maturity watered with the tears of growth
Learning who she was and what she stood for
Imagining good can come from bad
Not letting the past recur in her future
Giving it all to God for without Him she wouldn’t be healing

Being Played

 Today I love you

In one breath

Tomorrow, I despise you

Give you sex when you want it

Withhold it you don’t own it

Rent it out to you

For the moment

Give me money when I ask you

When you ask me

I don’t have it, I’m broke




Turn on the charm

To disarm you

Then withdraw

When you displease me

Hot and cold

When I need to be

You can be the man

When I let you

But we all know

Who wears the pants?

Don’t we

Don’t we

Don’t we

You’re weak

I let you think

You are Hercules




Take your money

Call you honey, baby

Make it seem everything

Is peaches and cream

So, you won’t discover

My true colors

Give you children

To tighten the noose

Around your heart




Now I’ve got you

You’re all mine

Long as you don’t

Recognize my deceitful side

Deceitful side

Deceitful side

Deceitful side

 Play this game forever

Because you will never

Leave me

Leave me

Leave me

Your third eye is closed

And I have bolted the door

And swallowed the key





Rewind the clock back to


When life was simple

And love was our guide

Caught up in a fantasy

Shutting out reality

Creating our own truth

Never taking the time to examine

True motives

Questioning a journey

Two people together

Should be as one

Selfishness, disrespect

Distrust, hate, indifference

Grew into a cycle of abuse

Toxic love


Cherished words turned

Into curses

And the dream became

A nightmare

Thought I’d remain a victim

That was a lie

Behind the tears and the shame

I found my voice

Now I stand strong

I am strong and no more



Regret 835


I think about the day we met

Didn’t think I’d be sitting here

Visiting regrets

Happy memories

The laughter

When did it turn into a disaster?

Shadows cast an eerie outline

To a life that was supposed to shine

Thought you’d catch me if I fall

Never imagine you would

Let me hit the ground



Slap Heard Around the World


Is it me or has the world tilted?

Another drama for the richer

While the homeless sleep unsheltered

Innocent children go unnurtured

Sick and the dying loosing battles

Countries fighting for survival

Everyone weighing in on trivial matters

What about the world that’s in tatters?

Are we just drifting and not caring about what shatters?

Is there going to be a tomorrow after

For our future generations that follows

Its madness how our views are so easily shifted

A man stands up to defend the honor of his queen

So quickly is he seen as the villain

Now the world is held captivated

While I’m hoping we’ll wake up

Put the focus on where it belongs and it’s not

The slap heard around the world




He strolls in

Big, resilient, and tall

Hair slayed looking trendy

cigarillo dangling

Between dazzling teeth

A diamond stud in one front tooth

That cost a fortune

The rest of his grill set in gold

With the smell of money

Scanning the area

He Sat down

Orders a drink throwing

It back

Spotted his prey

As she commands the room

Long and strong

slippery with sweat of desperation

Her legs caressing its coldness

Liquefied flesh molding

Body contouring with every emotion

Making money on her mind as her

Body turns into every man’s desire

setting him on fire

Flames leaping from his eyes

Entrance he can’t move

Wishing he is deep inside

Watching as her hands’ slides

Resting on her inner thighs

Immobile as she licks her red lips

Eyes painted no signs of ageing

Skin glistening glowing

Hair is flowing dancing

Around her head making a halo

As she throws it back

Her long neck agile

With every motion

Nothing conceals in what she’s wearing

Breast big and heavy

heaving with

Every intake of breathing

Inhale exhale

Eye’s meeting

luring him in

hers Deep big golden brown

his are the color of night

that has its own tale

All innocence gone

Staring into his soul

Knowing with each whirl

around and around

She has him just where she wants him

He’s throwing money

Make it rain baby she’s cooing

Lips parted

Eyes starring

She knows he’s hers

Now for the finally

Now for the finally

Now for the finally







The sound coming from the closet gets
Louder with each passing hour
Moans and groans bones rattle
The door knob turns but doesn’t open
The shame remains hidden behind the barrier
Evil laughter comes from the other side
Whisper of loneliness adds to the mix
Secrets line the four corners
Deception fills the cracks
Illicit cravings feed on
Pretty little liars
Seducing hungry eyes looking
To add to the over flowing riddles
Banging to get out
Reveal to the world fake smiles
And polite kisses are a smoke screen
To the true meaning behind each passionate touch
One last chance is taken for escape
Crossing a threshold to revelations
The solid panel is strong not giving way to
The pressure
For now skeletons remain securely locked away
Until the next attempt