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The Dance

Watch how my body sways to the music
Each tempo pulls me into the dance
Close my eyes wet my lips
Let my hips perform naturally to the rhythm
As I imagine a lover captured in my embrace
Our bodies working fluently as one
Pressed so close our hearts beat in unison
With the music reverberating around me
Passion pours from my core
My appetite is ferocious as I pull
You into my web of desire
Illicit acts of the dance tantalize
Captivating an audience
It’s my dance that hypnotize
Hungry eyes
Watch me as I dance, as I dance as I dance…

Altruistic Vibrations

Music down low
Candles lit across the room
In the corner a fire burns casting a glow
Shadows dance along the barren walls
Bed covered in rose petals
Sweet scent tantalizing a starved soul
Champagne and two flutes wait silently
Chocolate covered strawberries for the palate
Outside the wind howls
Soon to intermingle with the soft moans to come
Snow drifts softly against the windowpane
Dreamily the scene is set
In anticipation of altruistic vibrations

Don't Play With Fire

Drowning in desire
Opulence born and bred
Night welcomes clandestine meeting
Traverse to wickedness

Power of lust
Levitates rational thought
Anguish plays the role of executioner
Yesterday’s ashes mingle with misery

Wicked proclivities wets the appetite
Invites sin to lie in bed
Throes of covetousness ignites flame
Hell holds the door open to welcome

Fighting against primal urges
Inclinations driven by want
Repentances smolders
Embers are all that remains
Don’t play with fire…you’ll get burned

Hunger is the Night

She prowled the streets at night
Moonlight bounced off her black Mercedes SLR
She had a selective appetite
Her hunger for different taste of gourmet
She grinned sighting her next meal
Pulling slowly up to the curb
Her meal strolled up to the car
Reflection from the moon temporarily
Blinded it
The door Rotated vertically on the
Passenger’s side
She gave her feast a delectable look
The trap set it entered
Driving away, she glanced to the right
Taking in the sight from the corner of her eyes
 Slowly licked her lips, delicious she
Thought to herself
What a feast she was going to have
Hours later, she tired of her meal
Gathered it up and took it
To the dump
Now for dessert she thought
Driving off in her black Mercedes SLR