Free Verse

Music Soul

I use to hear you sing to me at night
chasing away the nightmares
Your lyrics reflected the struggle
in my mind
you sing as if you understood
my hidden fears
It told the story of a soul
that has no color
Repressed spirit that has lost its way
unrecognizable desires I don't know
I cry out to you needing
to hear your song
Your music chased away
the bad dreams
that left my heart beating
to the rhythm of
my screams
I don't hear the music
anymore you no
longer sing to me
My nightmares return
I need your song
Sing to me again
Music Soul


I can't seem to find peace 
no matter where I turn
Its elusive, avoiding me
It runs and hides like the sun 
being chased by black clouds
Every time I get close enough to find it
It slips away so quietly
Leaving me searching for it
in the darkest corners of my mind
Peace, where are you, why won't you
hold me in your arms
sing to me in your sweet comforting voice
I need to feel you close to me
my sanity is slipping away ever so quickly
If you are out there, please let me know
Give my a reason not to slit my throat
The grave is calling me it says peace is here
I fear my peace may lie there

Touch the Sky