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In The Future


 Is this some kind of joke some kind of hoax?

Times has its way of moving on

Leaving a lot of us behind

Thinking tomorrow or next

I’ll fix any debts

Forgive any sins

Reconcile to the past

Then you look up and tomorrow

Is gone

And you’re saying to yourself

What have I done?

Letting time move on

And you’ve fallen asleep

Thinking you have tomorrow

To depend on

But tomorrow never comes

The future is no more

When its too late to have those

Feelings atoned for and seeking forgiveness

In the future



Second Sight

She could see into the future and
knew what to expect
So when he walked out the door she didn’t
even give a shit
She anticipated he’d be leaving soon
so there were no tears or words
Matter of fact she had his bags already packed
greeted him at the door and gave him
All his shit back
the confused expression on his face had
Her laughing
he didn’t know she possessed this ability 
She could see past his bullshit 
so why didn’t she act sooner
There’s a time for everything and his time had come
looking into the future she knew she’d be strong
Envisioned her life a free dove flying above
and for him she saw his destruction
The next woman he tried to play
turned around and fed him his own retribution