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Slap Heard Around the World


Is it me or has the world tilted?

Another drama for the richer

While the homeless sleep unsheltered

Innocent children go unnurtured

Sick and the dying loosing battles

Countries fighting for survival

Everyone weighing in on trivial matters

What about the world that’s in tatters?

Are we just drifting and not caring about what shatters?

Is there going to be a tomorrow after

For our future generations that follows

Its madness how our views are so easily shifted

A man stands up to defend the honor of his queen

So quickly is he seen as the villain

Now the world is held captivated

While I’m hoping we’ll wake up

Put the focus on where it belongs and it’s not

The slap heard around the world



The World Goes Round & Round

Past a man sitting on a corner
He was assessing the damage
To one foot
As people passed by
Making their way to different
Destinations, some looked
At him others went on about
Their business
I wondered what was going
Through his mind
No one knew his situation
Judgment is saved for a higher power
He continued to caress his ailing foot
All the while keeping his head down
All I could think of
The world goes round and round
The richer become wealthier and the poor
Are just after thoughts…


Changing colors
Leaves fallen to the ground
Sound of wind so smooth
Coldness seeps within
Eyes beholding the beauty
The sky unabashed in maturity
Frozen tear drops
Blanket of white covers naked earth
Smoke bellow from a lonely chimney stack
Inside fire roars in the hearth
Warm and contented some are
The rest look for and not get
Delicious aromas fill the air
Hungry bellies growl in the distance
Wishing for a place to call home
Night falls
Another November day has come to an end