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 Go a head bare your soul

You don't have to be strong for the world

Give in to the emotions you have so valiantly

Fought off

Give in to the pain, that has no name

Tired? I know you are

Tired of trying to shoulder responsibility alone

Carrying around the guilt if you let everyone down

Fair? no it's not

You're the one who is up all night

Release that hurt

Don't be afraid

Cleansing your spirit is always ok

Go a head, the gods are listening

Sorrow, is something we all have inside of us

This is your healing, purge those feelings and


Beauty She Is

Beneath her surface no one bothered to explore
External exquisiteness catches eyes
Antagonism never touched her soul
Understanding gave her gracefulness
Truth was her strength
Years of hard work with no rewards

She still held her head high
Her greatest gift were her children
Even when they’d stumble and fall

In her was the heart of warrior
Soul of an angel she will forever be

Beauty She Is…


I hear the longing in your voice
The wistful way memories navigate from
Your lips
In hopes to resurrect some emotion
That is now long dead
Penitent actions originated too late
Apologies you don’t think you owe
Or are deserved
Atonement for causing cataclysmic destruction
You give with a shrug to you it was
No harm no fowl
All is forgiven in your one-sided lie
All reminiscences buried in the sea of tears
Every reflection is shatter with a stone
You reach out your hand
I only stare
Now you want to be my shelter
Too late the storms came tore my world down
In the aftermath I was left still standing
The longing you hear in my voice
Is only for you to vanish just as the fog rolls
Back out to sea and evaporates