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If You

If you give me wings so that I might fly

If you give me a voice, I will sing with angels

If you give me a future I will dream

If you give me encouragement, I will become many things

If you sing my praises with empty words, I will have the wrong visions

If you knock me down, make it count

If you see into my heart and know it's worth

Then why question if I am virtuous

If you see my tears know that I have empathy

If you spit on my name let, there be a sound reason for it

If I curse you my justification will be pure

If I love, you there will be no beginning or end

Only infinity

If you give me, you I will give you who I am






Being Played

 Today I love you

In one breath

Tomorrow, I despise you

Give you sex when you want it

Withhold it you don’t own it

Rent it out to you

For the moment

Give me money when I ask you

When you ask me

I don’t have it, I’m broke




Turn on the charm

To disarm you

Then withdraw

When you displease me

Hot and cold

When I need to be

You can be the man

When I let you

But we all know

Who wears the pants?

Don’t we

Don’t we

Don’t we

You’re weak

I let you think

You are Hercules




Take your money

Call you honey, baby

Make it seem everything

Is peaches and cream

So, you won’t discover

My true colors

Give you children

To tighten the noose

Around your heart




Now I’ve got you

You’re all mine

Long as you don’t

Recognize my deceitful side

Deceitful side

Deceitful side

Deceitful side

 Play this game forever

Because you will never

Leave me

Leave me

Leave me

Your third eye is closed

And I have bolted the door

And swallowed the key



Falling Into Love

 Facets of many colors

Angels do discover

Languages spoken through the ages

Loudly proclaiming

Infrangible declaration

Nexus soul validation

Gift received as given


Intermingle of lives

New beginnings

Ties that bind mind heart soul body

Overcoming any obstacle


Listening to the stillness within

Ostentatious passion will not be hidden

Visions of happily ever after

Exchanging of vows in the end


Isn’t it better to fall into love than falling out, and more notably staying in love?

Falling Out of Love

Faithfully forever

Affinity connection

Lariat placed around soul

Labyrinth of emotions

Impel heart that is dying

Narrative vague subliminal

Grotesques images infiltrated


Odyssey together never taken

Unfulfilled dreams deserted

Thievery of years wasted


Ossuary holds what remains of desires

Fidelity turns to fallacy belief


Languish passions dwindle to resentment

Overt gestures scream abandonment

Virulence acrimony in the end

 Evanescent to falling out of love

Regret 835


I think about the day we met

Didn’t think I’d be sitting here

Visiting regrets

Happy memories

The laughter

When did it turn into a disaster?

Shadows cast an eerie outline

To a life that was supposed to shine

Thought you’d catch me if I fall

Never imagine you would

Let me hit the ground





Wasted years and wasted tears

A lifetime of love and no vows

The promises forfeited

All verbal and no action

Lazing the day, a way

Blowing smoke through violent lips

Sitting staring at the same spot on the wall

Wishing you can take just one more hit

Master to all master to none

Criticize that’s your only input

Can’t lift me up you can lift that blunt

Nagging and bitching is your verse

Not once did I speak an unkind word to your face

You never investigated my soul and see the hurt

Time wasted…




I know your touch
Your smell
The way you walk
Wear your hair
You are a familiarity
Close my eyes I see
Every inch of you
Know what you taste like
Finish your sentence
Ease into a life acquainted
With your essence
Fluently my body conveys
A linguistic only you can interpret
You are
I am
We become
One familiarity 

Three Daddy Syndrome

She gave her love to this man laid in his bed
Nine months later she cradled her joy in her hands
Ten months later he was know where to be found
On to number two who was no better than number one
Showered her with promises
Then reneged by raining blows across her
Swollen stomach
You’d think she learned from her mistakes with
Two babies one hanging onto her legs
And the other swaddled in her arms
Being a romantic and always looking for the
Best in everyone in strolled baby daddy number three
Cool as cucumber didn’t even bother with all that
Phony bullshit just went for what he wanted
And it wasn’t her good cooking
Before she could blink the doctor was congratulating her
On baby number three
But in the back of his mind he was wondering
How she could have fallen for the three daddy syndrome

Jaded Love

Love is a complicated emotion
Betrayal defines the intricate lines
Between love and hate
Jaded perceptions of
What love is supposed to mean
Should mean, could mean
Loses its definition
And clarity becomes blurred
With right and wrong
Byzantine inclinations lure away
Innocence trapping it in defiled
Annotations of excuses


How many chances will it take?
For you to be truthful
Echo the same error
Now it’s become your anthem
You’re theoretically expected to learn from your
Mistakes not keep adding to them
You know if you place your hand 
In fire you’ll get burned
The pain is excruciating, and the scar remains
Yet still you can’t conceive it
Not everyone shares you need to
Give you second, third, fourth,
Get the picture
If you’re looking for a soft heart
To manipulate you've knock on
The wrong door
Sorry I'm out of chances and
Your last chance just blew up


We’re both flawed diamonds in rough formation
Maybe that’s our connection
Without a microscope our imperfections are not Visible
Seen with the naked eye
Defects from birth created in the womb
Blemished DNA
Errors we’re afraid to acknowledge
Doing so might give validation to what others see
Our failings, we point fingers at one another
Shifting the blame
We’re flawed the damaged reflection of
Two individuals on a collision course to disaster
Enabler of addictions
Crippled by no intervention
The end of the road is death
A black rose lay to rest on cold concrete
All flaws seep back into the earth