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How many chances will it take?
For you to be truthful
Echo the same error
Now it’s become your anthem
You’re theoretically expected to learn from your
Mistakes not keep adding to them
You know if you place your hand 
In fire you’ll get burned
The pain is excruciating, and the scar remains
Yet still you can’t conceive it
Not everyone shares you need to
Give you second, third, fourth,
Get the picture
If you’re looking for a soft heart
To manipulate you've knock on
The wrong door
Sorry I'm out of chances and
Your last chance just blew up

Life's a Bitch

Life’s a bit**
gets its kicks off
your problems
delivering a ransom to
priceless for payment
Destroying any self respect
you fought so hard to get
in the end all you
have is the life
you’re left with